prevent hair loss

What Can be done to prevent hair loss

Hair loss is one of the broblems , which we can strictly claim the most of world’s people are faced with it . Many Factors are involved in hair loss such as environmental , genetic , hormonal factors . Also diseases such as thyroid disorders , anemia and kinds on feeding are involved in hair loss too . We can’t ignore the importance of diet in maintaining good health especially about hair . The most common reasons for hair loss in women is food shortage.

Because the women often apply the non-normative diets to lose their weight . As well as those who do not eat animal food and so are vegetarians , because of the lack of information in the field of how to use plant foods , Face to deficient of protein , zinc , iron and vitamins of B Group and essential amino Acids .

In the following , the resources of some important element and effective in the health of the hair is mentioned .

Protein : Protein , is the basis of the needs of body tissues such as hair , nails , and skin . and can be found in some cases such as meat (chicken , fish and real meat ) , eggs , Dairy , Bean . Also can be slightly found in the straches such as bread , rice , macaroni and vegetables

prevent hair loss

Calcium and magnesium : The group of milk and dairy products are rich in calcium and magnesium and protein . The vitamins of B Group : One of the treatments for hair loss is to consuming high amounts of foods which contains vitamin B . In This group , Vitamin B , B6 and Biotin are so important. Rich sources of vitamin B6 are liver , Bananas , Sunflower Seeds , Fish , Chicken , Weat germ , Dried plums , Meat , whole grains , yeast and yolk . The rich sources of Biotin : Liver , Chicken , Wheat germ , Wheat bran , egg and Peanuts .

Antioxidants : Including vitamin E  , Vitamin C , Betacarotene which can be found in sweet potato , Carrots , Cooked Spinach , Squash , Contaloupe , Apricot , Broccoli , and red grape fruit . The Japanese scientists beleieve in the base of their researches that if there are a lot of fat in the diet of males , the mechanism of baldness would be accelerated . the best advise is to eat the low-fat foods which are useful and beneficial .

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