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The useful foods for refreshment and fix impatience

The experts believe , foods and drinks , While supplying nutrients needed by the body , also affect the mood of people . For example , Consuming the foods that keep Glucose low , are effective for staying balanced of temperament . In below we indicate some of foods which affect the mood . Fatigue: When the amount of energy is dropping out , The first reaction of the people is drinking coffee or eating chocolate for increasing energy. Since the consumption of these foods has short-term  effects , Therefore you must Consume the foods which have the low glycemie , and slowly release the energy . These foods including , wholeMeal bread (bran-bread) , Pasta and Cereals Inadequate Consuming of iron , Can Cause fatigue so suggest to consume meat , poultry , fish , Beans , and Fortified cereals . Impatience , may be due to having stress , lack of hormonal balance , depression and Emotional impact . Diet plays an important role in a person’s mood . The results of researching shows that the foods in tryptophan and Protein which consumed with Carbohydrates are suitable for this case . The source of these types of foods , Including Chicken , Fish , Egg , Dairy , Beans and grains . Depression : For counteracting with depression , Eating fish which have been riched with Omega3 Such as Salmon , Sardine , Fish oil , is an excellent source of Vitamin B12 , The Folate available in green vegetables and Citrus fruits , Selenium available in meat , are so suitable . Stress : To reduce and eliminate the consequences of stress , eating whole grains , Carbohydrates , Protein , Fruits , the vegetables riched by Vitamin C Such as Strawberries , Cranberry and Kiwi is suitable effective . Fear : Although most of people experience fear in different periods of life , But by Consuming the foods riched by folate Such as Beans , Vegetables with green Leafy and Lentil , You Can Eliminate the consequences of fearing .

useful foods 1

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