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The strangest and most exciting resort in the world

There are some places in all over the world that the heart of everyone after visiting them starts beating and would be so excited . These places are natural or manmade , but it’s important that these places are part of the most frightening and strangest attractions in the world . 1- Walking path , on the CN Tower in Toronto , Canada .This walking path is located in front of 116-story of CN Tower in Toronto of Canada . You see in the picture the 6 persons which have put on the red clothes , these clothes are especial for jumping of height , Everyone must be equipped by holding belt and special rope and then begin walking or jumping , This action is so excited . 2- The Yungas road in Bolivia : There is a narrow road in top of the mountain , which is so dangerous . This dangerous road is considered one of the most spectacular and dangerous roads in the world . This road has a width of 3 meters and a height of 4572 meters and the long route is 61 KM And it is so active . This road is two two way which trucks and trailers are still crossing on it . 3- The Trift bridge in Switzerland : The tourists which want to visit the Trift glacier in Alp mountains pass the very narrow bridge which is located in height of 100.5 meters . This bridge length is 171 meters . 4- The devil pool in Victoria falls in Zambia The devil pool is located in top of the rock in 68.5 meters height near the Victoria fall in Zambia . This spectacular dangerous hole , has absorbed so many adventurer people and tourists . 5-The Tyrol platform -Australia

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