The miraculous and unbelievable properties of consuming bananas

The miraculous and unbelievable properties of consuming bananas

In this article we are going to make you familiar with the benefits of banana fruit . medicinal uses of bananas : The banana contains a lot of fiber , and because of the lack of the harmful sugar in the banana , it can provide the necessary energy for doing the activities But the interesting point about the banana is that , in some cases it can be used istead of drugs . Here are a few benefits of medicinal benefits of banana . 1- High blood-pressure : Banana contains a lot of potassium , which can play an important role in controlling blood pressure . Eating a banana in morning can help to maintain normal blood pressure . 2-Depression : Banana contains tryptophan , which can act such as serotonin (Happy hormone ) If you consume a banana just now , to increase the happy hormones in your body and you will experience the happiness in your feelings . 3-Stress : Stress alters the metabolism in the body and thus reduce the amount of potassium . Regular consumption of bananas will balance the body and help to strengthen the heart , also eating bananas make adjusting the water balance in the body .


4-Constipation : Banana contains pectin , Pectin is a fiber that enhances the action of digestion and causes the stimulation of the detoxification of the body . In addition banana contains probiotics that aid digestion and reduce bloating and reduces the pressure induced constipation . 5- Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) : Bananas are rich in vitamin B6 . This vitamin can cause the symptoms of PMS . Consuming bananas cause to prevent abdominal pain and reduce mood swings and control the retention and accumulation of water in the body . The health benefits of Bananas : 1-Heart protection , 2-Medication for depression and mood drops , 3-Improve digestive and weight loss , 4- Eye sights , 5- The Cancer

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