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The impact of some of the below on destruction of brain cells

1. No breakfast : people who don’t eat breakfast , lower blood sugar , and as a result , brain cells can  not absorb enough oxygen . and gradually damage seriously .

2. To overeat: The gluttony causes tightening the vessel of brain and as a result , reduce the brain power .

3.Smoking : causes the brain cells be wizened and gradually get the Alzheimer disease .

4. Exessive Sugar intake : Eating the food with full of sugar , causes the impaired absorption of protenis and other food and consequently causes malnutrition and make difficulty in brain function .

5. Air pollution : Brain is the largest consumer of oxygen in body , the inhalation the polluted air and inadequate supply of oxygen in the brain , reduces the efficiency of the brain .

6. Insomnia (Sleep deficit) : Sleeping gives the brain a rest . continuous and long sleepless , causes rapid death of brain cells .

brain b

7. Head Covering while sleeping : This action increases Carbon dioxide and decrease the oxygen in brain , and makes divastating impact on the brain .

8. Intellectual hard work during illness :

Studying and intellectual hard work during illness , reduces the efficiency of the brain and increases the damage on it .


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