The factors causing and preventing kinds of Cancers

In this matter , we are going to review briefly the most essential environmental factors and in fact lifestyle that causes Cancers , and explain about prevental ways for them . It’s no doubt that the observance of health issues and food selection , can prevent spreading cancers. In below , we explain about the factors causing and the ways which prevent some kinds of cancers . 1- Colon Cancer : The aggravating factors : The high consumption of fatty meat , very fatty foods , fried foods , and having obesity and much weight . The preventing factors : 1. The consumption of fresh fruit specially fresh vegetables
2-Consuming fish meat instead of red meat . 3-Consuming of legumes , Cerelas . 4- Consuming boiling food instead of frying . 2- Stomach Cancer : Aggravating factors : Having stress, Salted meat , Smoked meat , fried foods , highly salted canned foods , stimulating foods and spices . The preventive factors : Consuming raw and fresh fruit especially Lemon , Consuming fresh vegetables especially parsley , Consuming Garlic and onions . Consuming vitamin C. Keeping foods in a cool place . Liver Cancer : Aggravating factors : Chronic intoxication with alcohol , Consuming fatty , fried and stimulating foods . The preventive factors : Consuming juice fruits , raw vegetables , drinking cooling fluids like sweat king chicory . Drinking tomato juice , drinking large amounts of water in 24 hours . Prostate Cancer : Agravating factors : Consuming testostrone , having overweight and obesity , especially after 45 years the consumption of fatty and fried foods . The preventing factors : Lowering the consumption of red meat , Removal of consuming hormones testosterone , Consuming the cool foods Like Sweat  chicory and king , Oatmeal , vegetables and fruits . Lung Cancer : Aggravating factors : Smoking tar Cigarettes , Living in cities which is infected . Inhibiting factors : Cut smoking , Avoid eating very hot foods and fried and avoid consuming stimulas spices .

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