The Caviar is the most expensive food in the world

The Caviar and sturgeon eggs is the most expensive food in the world . The Caspian sea , as the biggest source of sturgeon , provides more than 90 percent of caviar in the world .


Elephant fish or beluga , The Russian sturgeon or Acipenser and Iranian Ostera , Dip fish and stellate sturgeon are the essential species of the Caspian Sea . Consumption of Caviar is effective in the health of nerve cells .


In Countries where eating fish and Caviar has a special place in food habits , the rate of depression is much less than the other countries .Existing  the fatty acids (Omega-3 ) in Caviar , prevents increasing cholesterol and sequently in habit vascular and heart diseases .



Indeed , the consumption of Caviar is effective holding up the joints inflammation (arthritis ) and digestive tract disease and some kinds of cancer . Caviar is recommended to the patients which suffer from anemia .

The Caviar is itself , as the most aristocratic breakfast in the world .


Someone eat it raw and the others mix it with yolk or small onion

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