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Why you should eat egg

Why you should eat egg?

Egg is one of those cheap and abundantly available food. Like any other food, you should know what is good about it and what is not. As you know, the egg has two part, the white egg and the yuck or the yellow part.

Egg is a good source of vitamin D, which is really important for reconstruction of damaged genes and brain. Our body can make vitamin D, trough absorption of sun light on our skin. But, this method of creating vitamin D is not available for every body especially Nordic people who live close to the north pole which has shorter days and less sun light. Also, sun light and skin are not the best combination if you don’t like the skin cancer and face lines.

The yuck or the yellow part of egg has close to 240 calories of energy and one yuck has enough cholesterol for a week of a young guy.  Recently, there have been studies on daily use of one cooked egg every day. The study has shown one egg a day is equal to 10 cigars a day. Yes, that dangerous.

Why you should eat egg


But the white part of the egg, contain much needed protein, nutrition for eye and a lot more. Therefore, we  can conclude that the use of egg can be useful if you separate the yuck from the white and just use the white part of the egg with occasional yuck with it.