Some benefits of eating nuts

Nuts are a wide variety Range of materials in the nuts are various but the following items as a key element forming nuts named : Pistachio nuts , sunflower seeds , pumpkin , japanese seeds , peanut , almonds , cashews , walnut , transport , raisins , and chickpea . One of the snacks which would be consumed during the meetings of newday feast is a significant amount of nuts . But it’s necessary to know about the nuts and its benefits. The medicinal properties of nuts : Eating nuts as part of a healthy balanced diet , is useful to maintain a healthy heart . In fact , consumption walnut , almonds and other nuts reduce blood cholesterol . Since the strange conditions and carry of these materials to work place or school is very comfortable , we can consume these nutritious food as snacks . Also by the appropriate usage of the nut’s brain , It can prevent the formation of blood clots and heart attacks are prevented from occuring , Nuts , protect heart health : Of Course depending on the type of nuts , It is different , The researchers believe that most nuts also contain the following substances are benefical to heart health . Unsaturated Fat : This is not specified the main reason of this subject , But it has been found that the useful fats in the nuts Lower the harmful level of blood Cholesterol . Omega-3 fatty acids : Many of nuts also contain a good amount of omega-3 . Omega-3 are benefical to the health of the heart   . The nuts are one of the best plant sources . Fiber : All types of nuts have a lot of fiber that reduce the levels of cholesterol , fibers , also causes a sense of fullness in the person and cause less eating foods . Also fiber intake is effective in preventing diabetes . Vitamin E : Of Course , researchers still don’t sure about this matter , But they think that vitamin E available in nuts can control and stop the growthing of plates in the arteries that causes the narrowing of them and sequently causes chest pain and attack heart . How much do we consume nuts ?

benefits of nuts nuts

Nuts, including tremendous amount of fat (about 80 percent of nuts consist of fat ) and also the most of these fats are useful for health , but still nuts consist of a lot of calories . In this reason we should consume nuts in a balanced and moderated amount . In fact ,it’s better we replace nuts instead of materials which have the saturated fat , Such as red meat , eggs and dairy products . According to results provided by the institute of food and drug (FDA) , daily intake 42.5 g nuts such as almonds hazel nut , peanut , walnut and pistachio can reduce the risk of heart diseases , Of course we must be careful that the use of nuts should be only part of your diet which means that we do not suppose the eating nuts , and simultanously not lowering the consumption of saturated fats available in dairy products and meat , can assurance the health of your body .

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