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Simple techniques for fast weight loss

The most major objection of diets , Which make them impractical , is that they are so hard . But by taking small , practical ways , You”ll achieving to your target better and faster . In this article we will explain some of these ways . 1-The diet programs : Usually the best things would be produced in small dimensions packages Here we refer to a simple trick : You Can divide high-Calorie foods like Cheese and Chocolate into  smaller dimensions Packages .This Causes to consume smaller packages in every meal . -Don’t put aside eating sauce and Cream completely , If You enjoy eating them You can substitute low fat products instead of High-fat , in the first days of following diet . -Include the habit of drinking water in your daily schedule . It’s better that you Substitute drinking water between the food meals , Instead of eating high fat snacks . -Avoid of eating high-fat soups . It’s better after preparing Soup , put it in refrigerator to make it Cool and then throw aside the fats which is retracted on the soup by a spoon , and then eat the soup . -Take care of yourself in restaurants . It means that in the restaurants with massive foods, It’s better you devide it to two parts and bring one of them for the other meals . In this case you can control the consumption of your food . -Important to your tendency to eating . If you desire to eat something sweet  , eat it willingly but it’s better to turn your desire to healthier eating such as a fruit .

weight loss


– Get Started the vegetables and fruits little by little . -When you are eating , Concentrate and focus just on eating and Don’t do any other activities . -Eat the variety foods .This variation may have a significant impact on your diet . -Try to prepare the food yourself , Instead of eating out of your house . -Find the more healthy alternative food . For example you must drink the low-fat milk instead of high-fat . -Coordinate your exercise program with your family . -Make your walking more . If hiking is your daily routine , you’d better change the rate and speed of walking . -Take aside using the car and try to do more walking . -Walk more about 100 steps everyday . You can increase your exercise program daily and use stairs instead of using elevator and escalator . -Don’t get help of others to do your duties for example you can personally clean your house and wash your car . -Besure to brush after eating and it means a warning to you to remember you have stopped eating . -Organize and sort your wordrobe and drawer day to day and get ride of your old clothes . -Note you weight loss . This may seem difficult But this action , causes to increase your motivation for continuing weight loss plan .

Foods to maintain youth and longevity 2

Foods to maintain youth and longevity

Foods to maintain youth and longevity:
scientists believe that eating and consuming the following foods,act like a miracle for maintaining youth and longevity
Black cocoa: researches has shown that Cocoa facilitates the function of blood vessles.ALso keep your heart healthy,it prevents from diseases such as diabetes type 2,high blood pressure and kidney diseases. Black raspberry:Not only the available antioxidants in this fruit have the character of anti cancer,but also prevents from the destruction of cells because of releasing of free radicals,thus it causes increasing lifetime . Fish : Fish is the heart’s friend . fish consumption prevents increasing of blood cholesterol and heart diseases. Nuts:The Nuts are a good source of  unsaturated fats,vitamins,minerals and antioxidant and the balanced daily consumption of it,is useful for the body. Olive oil:The countries which have the higher consumption of olive oil per capita,in the same ratio,have the less statistics of morality due to heart and cancer diseases.On the other hand the consumption of olive oil causes fighting against the diseases related to aging. Yogurt:The available calcalcium in yogurt prevents osteoporosis,also there are the beneficial bacteria in yogurt that are useful for human heart. The healthy eating is difficult in practice.This difficulty is related to abondon old habits and wrong feeding practices.The main subject is observing the limits in feeding. We must eat various foods in several times,especially bread and grain, daily.
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find out how you can make your skin to be refreshed and clear

You’ll find out how you can make your skin to be refreshed and clear . Of Course , this is possible by using Cosmetic Cream , in the long term , But if you want to organize your wedding ceremony soon ,We have another suggestion for you . Change your breakfast planning for 10 days and you can begin it from today , and picking our recommended breakfast on the table . Eating these 10 kinds of useful and nutritious breakfast , Can help you for taking 10 long steps for having beautiful and clear Skin . The Special breakfast of the first day . 1-Italian Omelette : Mix 2 Large tomatoes with an egg yolk and half of egg albumen , Add a spoonful of olive oil and half a red bell pepper , By making it , You have prepared a delicious Italian breakfast for the first day . Dr.Jessica  Veo , The Professional in hair and Skin from Los Angeles University and the author of the book ”Nourish Your Face ” Says : ”Tomatoes are one of the biggest lovers of our Skin . ” The recent Survey of American Scientists Shows that Consuming vegetables and red summer Crops , helps reducing of the Symptoms of sunburn , Increasing of making Collagen in Skin , and reducing of Skin wrinkles . The special breakfast of the second day . 2-The fruit and oats omelettes : The consumption of oats , is as well as useful for the health of the heart , and so helps maintaining healthy Skin . You can prepare the second breakfast of the second day , By mixing the roasted or boiled oat , with sliced apples and figs . After complete mixing , pour a little honey over it . Eating honey and apple can prevent wrinkle and gives softness to the skin . The Special breakfast of the third day . 3-Greek Omelette : To prepare a greek omelette , mix about 300 Grams of Chopped raw spinach with an egg , and a spoonful of olive oil and a pinch of salt , and put this mixture on a stove over 20-30 minutes to cook Completely . The available Vitamin A In Spinach can destroy the redness and blemishes of the Skin . In addition , the available antioxidants in this omelette , Can destroy the harmful effects of UV radiation . The special breakfast of the fourth day . 4-Strawberry and Kiwi Juice If you don’t have enough time to prepare a detailed breakfast , It’s better to prepare a full glass of strawberry and Kiwi Juice , instead of immediate coffee full of calories . The special breakfast of the fifth day .5-Apple and Walnut Cake , How to Prepare ? This Cake’s recipe is like a sponge Cake . You must use full wholemeal flour and pieces of hard yellow apple and pieces of walnut . The amount of milk , Sugar and eggs is related to the size of Cake that you are going to cook . The special breakfast of the sixth day .

6-Banana Bread and bitter Chocolate : Maybe this breakfast seems strange but preparing of this breakfast is as simple as scrambled . Melting a little Chocolate on the water vapor and rup it on a big piece of Manna bread and put the piece of banana on the Chocolate . If you drink a cup of low fat milk with this breakfast , You’ll minimize the possibility of scaling and drying of the Skin . The special breakfast seventh day . 7-The Cream Cheese and wholemeal bread . One the reasons of darkening of the Skin is reducing the amount of fat in the body . Most of bridal used to follow a hard diet before the wedding Ceremony , and this may cause darkening of the skin of them , then eating a low fat meal such as wholemeal bread with Cream cheese and walnuts or steamed salmone fish rich of Omega 3 can help preserving of Clearing Skin . The Special breakfast eight day . 8-The green Tea : Nowadays , drink a glass of green tea instead of tea or coffee . The Japanese researchers believe that drinking the green tea can destroy the harmful effects of UV rays on the skin and prevent of Skin Cancer . The Special breakfast of nineth Day : 9-The wholemeal grains with banana and honey . The wholemeal grains contains of antioxidants that Causing the youthness and beauty of the skin . The available Zinc in these grains can help to making more collagen and finally helping the regeneration of Skin . For gaining more nutrients you can also add a bit of banana and honey to breakfast meal . The special breakfast for tenth day : 10- The sweet potato . The available Beta Carotene in the sweet potato can act as a sunscreen for the skin .By Eating boiled sweet potatoes for breakfast , The body recieves sufficient Beta Carotene and Vitamin A , Then the skin Can remains safe from sun burning and drying .

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High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure , a condition that should be feared

Blood pressure definition : Blood Pressure is a pressure which the blood transfers into the artery walls when it is passing through the vessels . The fluctuations in blood pressure are normal for example , when you are resting or sleeping the blood pressure decreases , when you are exercising or doing physical activity , Blood pressure rises . But if the blood pressure remains high , it is abnormal . The blood Pressure , is a serious medical illness which is called ”Hypertension ” too . It makes your heart to do extra activity . High Blood pressure is a serious danger and risk for the health . This illness can cause damaging of below organs . 1-Alteries,  2-Heart,  3-Brain,  4- Kidneys , 5-Eyes . The Causes of getting high blood pressure : 1-Smoking 2-Overweight and Obesity 3-Having diabete 4-Lack of exercise or activity Such as Prolonged sitting behind a desk . 5-Lack of walkig and exercise . 6-High Consumption of salt , and salty foods . 7-Low intake of Calcium , magnesium and potassium in foods . 8-Lack of vitamin D in body . 9- Having Severe stress . 10- Aging 11- Taking special medications such as birth control pills . 12- Having genetic and family background . 13-Having Chronic kidney disease . 14-Having tumor of the adrenal gland. 15-Having thyroid gland tumors . 16- Having congenital defects in the blood vessels. The six key steps to prevent hypertension : 1-Follow a safe diet , Consume at least 5 units of fruit and vegetables , daily . 2- Having more physically activity . Follow an exercise program daily . Try to have at least 30 minutes physically exercise daily . Physically activities prevent heart and brain attacks . 3- Saying No to tobacco and Smoking . 4-Having the favorable weight . Losing the extra weight with reduced salt intaking leads to have a balanced blood pressure . 5-Aware of your health status. Ask of your doctor to advice you for achieving a desired health condition . 6- Avoid the Consumption of Carbonated drinks High Consumption of these drinks leads weight gaining and sequently increasing the blood pressure .

High Blood Pressure

The easiest way to prevent Cancer and stroke

The easiest way to prevent Cancer and stroke

Eating less red meat , not only helps to maintain the environmental nature but also helps to keep your body healthy . Based on the research findings of Dr.Steven Micely , The nutritionist and the author of ”Healthy heart in 30 days” : The newest medical programming for prevent and changing of heart diseases in persons who have the self diet and consume less red meat or the persons who are vegetarian, averagely have less Cholestrol and blood-sugar in comparison to the others . They are safer and less exposed to Cardiovascular diseases . Following a free diet of red meat or similar vegetarian diet provides many benefits for health , In the following section , You Can get 10 of them .1- The rate of your weight would be less : The extensive researches which conducted in Canada in 2013 , Shows that the body of the persons which don’t consume red meat in Comparison to whom which Consume a lot of red meat , Have the less mass of fatting and the probablity of overweighting is significantly less , and based on the newest researches of ”obesity association of America ” shows that fat people which follow the vegetarian diet , lose the weight in comparison to the persons which obey ordinary diet . The Consumption of saturated fats in red meat and diary , causes increasing in blood Cholesterol and causes the risk of heart diseases . Therefore by cancelling the red meat , the consumption of the saturated fats would be less and according to doctors’s theory the risk of heart diseases would be less . 2-You would be more fragrant : Based on researches ,It is more interesting that you know vegetarian diet causes your body smelling would be better and more attractive for your opposite gender . 3-Your blood pressure drops : Based on the researches , which the result of it came in the Nutrition and health magazine the average blood pressure in vegetarians in comparison to persons which are meat eaters , is lower . The researches believe that is because of the average lower weight of them and more Consuming of vegetables and fruit . 4- Lower cancer risk : The American researches did 10-years study on a group of 70000 persons , in 2002 This Group Consume less meat because of religious ideas in comparison to other people The result of this study , Shows that there is a direct relation between vegetarian  diet and reduce risk of various Cancers . 5- You get less diabetes : The researches of ”American diabetes association ” Shows that in vegetarian people , the major health problem , the metabolic syndrome , and the diabete type 2 , infarct , and heart diseases is so low . Blood pressure , blood Sugar , triglycerides will reduce by cancelling and eating less of red meat . 6- Do not get constipation by following the vegetarian diet you don’t get Constipation , 7-Your Skin would be more clear : The best diet for your skin health is eating less of red meat or getting vegetarian diet . By consuming a lot of fruits , vegetables and the foods which are made of whole grain flour , Your body receives a lot of anti-oxidants which can counteract the effects of free radicals . The free radicals are the enemy of the skin and cause the wrinckle , the brown spots and the other signals . 8-You’ll be more happy : Adding fruit and vegetables to your diet , causes improving the mood . A Group of researches studied on food habits of 80000 persons in England . The result of this researching shows that the persons would be mentally happier and healther which they consume more fruits and vegetables . 9- You’ll get more energy : Consuming spinach , kale , Mung bean sprouts and wheat germs which have rich of nitrates causes the increasing of level of energy in the long time . The researchers believe that consuming food nitrates is useful for the vessels health and can increase your body power , because these food make opening of vessels and facilitate receiving oxygen .

The easiest way to prevent Cancer and stroke


Don’t Do these activities just after eating foods

The experts believe that , doing some activities immediately after eating food , is harmful for Digestion System . Also they say , Doing these things may cause Cancer . Maybe knowing these activities and following these implementation recommendations , causes to have a healthy body, 1. Don’t Drink ice water : Some experts say , Drinking ice water , After eating food , Causes Gastric Cancer . But this theory doesn’t have the right scientific basis . The only Difficulty may occure is stomach ache or intestinal muscles Contraction . The other point is that if you Drink water immediately after eating food , It causes the dilution of Gastric juice and it Can interfere with digestion . Then it’s better don’t drink water half an hour before and after eating food . 2- Don’t Smoke : The result of researches Show that smoking Can Make acidic the environment of the stomach . This Factor negatively affected the functioning of the stomach And prevents proper digestion of food . then it’s better not smoking half an hour before and after eating . 3-Don’t eat fruits : One of our bad habits , is eating fruit after eating food , But this is wrong . It’s better not eating fruit half an hour before and after eating food . Because eating fruits cause stomach bloating , of course eating cooked fruit (Such as canned fruit ) is alright . 4-Don’t take a bath : One of the public beliefs is that don’t taking a bath just after eating , and it is approximately right But it’s not for all peoples . The old people or whom which have progressive heart disease , Must not take bath half an hour after eating . 5-Don’t exercise : Exercising exposes pressure on the people whom suffer Cardiovascular disease . If you eat a light meal , You must avoid exercising or Physical Activity at least 2 or 3 hours and If you eat heavy meals You must avoid 3 or 4 hours . 6-Do not Walk much : Don’t walk long , at least half or an hour after eating . 7-Don’t Sleep : Don’t Sleep at least two hours after eating . So eating Dinner lately at night is very wrong . 8-Don’t Drink Tea : Tea of any kind (black , white and green ) contains substances called tannins . Tannin Compounds prevent the absorption of iron . So Drink Tea until one hour after eating . 9-Don’t Have marital relations : Heart patients pay attention to this consideration . Marital ralations causes a kind of stress to the cardiorascular system . In some rare cases , Doing this action after eating has caused heart attack , It’s better to refrain from marital relations the people with advanced heart disease or those who have recenly suffered A heart attack , Some hours after eating a meal .

Don't Do these activities just after eating foods

Don't Do these activities just after eating foods

Don't Do these activities just after eating foods

useful foods 1

The useful foods for refreshment and fix impatience

The experts believe , foods and drinks , While supplying nutrients needed by the body , also affect the mood of people . For example , Consuming the foods that keep Glucose low , are effective for staying balanced of temperament . In below we indicate some of foods which affect the mood . Fatigue: When the amount of energy is dropping out , The first reaction of the people is drinking coffee or eating chocolate for increasing energy. Since the consumption of these foods has short-term  effects , Therefore you must Consume the foods which have the low glycemie , and slowly release the energy . These foods including , wholeMeal bread (bran-bread) , Pasta and Cereals Inadequate Consuming of iron , Can Cause fatigue so suggest to consume meat , poultry , fish , Beans , and Fortified cereals . Impatience , may be due to having stress , lack of hormonal balance , depression and Emotional impact . Diet plays an important role in a person’s mood . The results of researching shows that the foods in tryptophan and Protein which consumed with Carbohydrates are suitable for this case . The source of these types of foods , Including Chicken , Fish , Egg , Dairy , Beans and grains . Depression : For counteracting with depression , Eating fish which have been riched with Omega3 Such as Salmon , Sardine , Fish oil , is an excellent source of Vitamin B12 , The Folate available in green vegetables and Citrus fruits , Selenium available in meat , are so suitable . Stress : To reduce and eliminate the consequences of stress , eating whole grains , Carbohydrates , Protein , Fruits , the vegetables riched by Vitamin C Such as Strawberries , Cranberry and Kiwi is suitable effective . Fear : Although most of people experience fear in different periods of life , But by Consuming the foods riched by folate Such as Beans , Vegetables with green Leafy and Lentil , You Can Eliminate the consequences of fearing .

useful foods 1

obesity 2

Know the hidden causes of obesity

Overweight (obesity) : If your overweight is the result of  the accumulation of liquids , Don’t worry . because in this case , weight gaining is not permanent . You shouldn’t be surprised of your overweight , if you eat too  much  , and your activity is too low . But if you eat a little food , and your mobility isn’t so low , you should wonder of weight gaining . Doctors say , there are the other reasons might have a role in gaining weight except inheritance and mobility. In this article we look at some of the major causes of hidden obesity .

1. Insomnia : If you stay awake at night , the probability of eating is high and the rate of received calorie will increase . Furthermore , changes in hormone levels , causes increasing in feeling of hunger and appetite and you will feel full longer .

2. Menopause : Most of women gaining overweight close to approaching menopause probably the reason of this overweight is not the hormones . but by increasing age , the body’s metabolism slows down , and burns fewer calories . furthermore , changes in lifestyle , such as less mobility , may also be involved in gaining weight , But it may be related to menopause , the place in body which fat accumulates . In menopause , the fat is accumulated arround the waist , not in the thighs and pelvic.

3. Leaving the smoking (Quit Smoking ) : People who Quit smoking will add their weight less than 4.5 Kilo in Average.

4. Hypothyroidism : If thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormone , you would probably feel tired , weaking and colding , and you would gain overweight .

5. Consuming the corticosteroid drugs : Consuming anti- inflammatory and corticosteroids such as perdnisolone , because of their impaction are known as gaining overweight .

obesity 1


obesity 2

6. Taking Contraceptives Pills : Contrary to popular opinion , taking the contracetives Pills , wouldn’t cause gaining overweight for the long time , but some of the women which take combination tablets of estrogen and progesterone , gain a little overweight , which is related to accumulation of liquid in the body , and usually this case is in short-term.

7. Taking some of the nerve tablets and drugs : one of the side effects of some of the antidepressants drugs is overweighting . Therefore If you think , taking this drug causes obesity , consult with your doctor .

8. Having Stress : In times of having stress , the secretion of cortisol (a stress hormone ) will increase in the body , and sequently appetite will increase too . And finally this factor prepares the conditions for gaining weight .

5 rules of taking drugs that you must follow : If consuming special drugs causing to gaining overweight , notice and follow the rules below :

First Rule : Without Consulting to your doctor , don’t stop consuming your drug , Because it may be useful to maintain health .

Second rule : Don’t compare with the other persons which consume this drug , because the side effects of a drug doesn’t appear similary . If a Drug Causes overweight in a person , necessarily , doesn’t have similar effect on you .

Third rule : If your overweight is due to accumulating liquids in body , Don’t Worry . because this overweight is not permanent . When the consuming the drugs would be finished or your disease would be controlled , The puffiness caused by liquid accumulation would be improved .

Fourth law : Consult with your doctor about alternative drugs that you want to consume . In many cases , the doctors prescribe another drug that has no side effects .

Fifth rule : If gaining weight is due to decrease in metabolism in the body related to an illness or consuming drugs , you must increase the rate of metabolism by exercising .



Key point to have youthful and succulent skin

By reading these subjects , you will find out , how to have healthy , transparent and wrinkle-free skin . Consider and observing some specific points about skin , is especially  important . Creating balance and variety in diet is essential ,

In  a balanced diet , receiving enough nutrients of all of foods are required . That is because of a person doesn’t get malnutrition and lack of vitamin and protein and minerals . Implementation of such a program , play a significant role in the lives of people . Especially those who are interested in taking food out of the house . use the food pyramid and following daily programming for eating foods , is an easy and understandable way for having a balanced diet .

Fruits and vegetables : Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is the key to keeping youngness, and prevents premature skin aging. because of containing a plenty of Antioxidants which prevent cell damage . To ensure the presence of antioxidants , should be consumed fruits and vegetables raw and fresh .

Fluids and Liquids : Drinking fluids are also important in the prevention of skin aging . If the skin has sufficient moisture , then the wrinkles would be less . the experts recommend that you drink 6 to 8 glasses of water per a day . coffee and soft drinks aren’t good sources of liquids .

Cooking method : how the cooking is prepared is also a serious impact on the process of aging . the experts belive that we should reduce the cooking time and should avoid high frying and cooking them with plenty of grease .

Controlling  of received calories : The controlling of consumed calories has a significant impact to prevent skin aging .Adding and losing weight quickly causing the skin wrinkled , then you must avoid obesity and weight loss .


skin c

skin b

The foods that prevent aging : Some of fruits and vegetables . Citrus : Including Orange-Grapefruit – Kinds of Lemon -Tangerine – kinds of Berries – Tomato – Bell peppers – Can talo upe – Strawberries – Melon – watermelon – Sour Cherry – Cherry and Kiwi

Potatoes and green vegetables : such as broccoli -Grapes , Raisins , Sour cherry , Tangerine , Orange , Grape fruit , Lime which contains of a plenty of Biofelavenoeeds

Chlorophyll : Chlorophyll is one of the materials which prevents premature aging . Parsley , Alfalfa , Spinach , Broccoli , Leek , Mint , Savory , Beetroot and mint leaves are the most important sources of chlorophylls.

Albumen , Pomegranates and pomegranate juice , watermelon , olive oil , Blueberries , Green tea

Always remember this advice : ”’ Beautiful skin comes from inside of you ”’

prevent hair loss

What Can be done to prevent hair loss

Hair loss is one of the broblems , which we can strictly claim the most of world’s people are faced with it . Many Factors are involved in hair loss such as environmental , genetic , hormonal factors . Also diseases such as thyroid disorders , anemia and kinds on feeding are involved in hair loss too . We can’t ignore the importance of diet in maintaining good health especially about hair . The most common reasons for hair loss in women is food shortage.

Because the women often apply the non-normative diets to lose their weight . As well as those who do not eat animal food and so are vegetarians , because of the lack of information in the field of how to use plant foods , Face to deficient of protein , zinc , iron and vitamins of B Group and essential amino Acids .

In the following , the resources of some important element and effective in the health of the hair is mentioned .

Protein : Protein , is the basis of the needs of body tissues such as hair , nails , and skin . and can be found in some cases such as meat (chicken , fish and real meat ) , eggs , Dairy , Bean . Also can be slightly found in the straches such as bread , rice , macaroni and vegetables

prevent hair loss

Calcium and magnesium : The group of milk and dairy products are rich in calcium and magnesium and protein . The vitamins of B Group : One of the treatments for hair loss is to consuming high amounts of foods which contains vitamin B . In This group , Vitamin B , B6 and Biotin are so important. Rich sources of vitamin B6 are liver , Bananas , Sunflower Seeds , Fish , Chicken , Weat germ , Dried plums , Meat , whole grains , yeast and yolk . The rich sources of Biotin : Liver , Chicken , Wheat germ , Wheat bran , egg and Peanuts .

Antioxidants : Including vitamin E  , Vitamin C , Betacarotene which can be found in sweet potato , Carrots , Cooked Spinach , Squash , Contaloupe , Apricot , Broccoli , and red grape fruit . The Japanese scientists beleieve in the base of their researches that if there are a lot of fat in the diet of males , the mechanism of baldness would be accelerated . the best advise is to eat the low-fat foods which are useful and beneficial .