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Know the hidden causes of obesity

Overweight (obesity) : If your overweight is the result of  the accumulation of liquids , Don’t worry . because in this case , weight gaining is not permanent . You shouldn’t be surprised of your overweight , if you eat too  much  , and your activity is too low . But if you eat a little food , and your mobility isn’t so low , you should wonder of weight gaining . Doctors say , there are the other reasons might have a role in gaining weight except inheritance and mobility. In this article we look at some of the major causes of hidden obesity .

1. Insomnia : If you stay awake at night , the probability of eating is high and the rate of received calorie will increase . Furthermore , changes in hormone levels , causes increasing in feeling of hunger and appetite and you will feel full longer .

2. Menopause : Most of women gaining overweight close to approaching menopause probably the reason of this overweight is not the hormones . but by increasing age , the body’s metabolism slows down , and burns fewer calories . furthermore , changes in lifestyle , such as less mobility , may also be involved in gaining weight , But it may be related to menopause , the place in body which fat accumulates . In menopause , the fat is accumulated arround the waist , not in the thighs and pelvic.

3. Leaving the smoking (Quit Smoking ) : People who Quit smoking will add their weight less than 4.5 Kilo in Average.

4. Hypothyroidism : If thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormone , you would probably feel tired , weaking and colding , and you would gain overweight .

5. Consuming the corticosteroid drugs : Consuming anti- inflammatory and corticosteroids such as perdnisolone , because of their impaction are known as gaining overweight .

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6. Taking Contraceptives Pills : Contrary to popular opinion , taking the contracetives Pills , wouldn’t cause gaining overweight for the long time , but some of the women which take combination tablets of estrogen and progesterone , gain a little overweight , which is related to accumulation of liquid in the body , and usually this case is in short-term.

7. Taking some of the nerve tablets and drugs : one of the side effects of some of the antidepressants drugs is overweighting . Therefore If you think , taking this drug causes obesity , consult with your doctor .

8. Having Stress : In times of having stress , the secretion of cortisol (a stress hormone ) will increase in the body , and sequently appetite will increase too . And finally this factor prepares the conditions for gaining weight .

5 rules of taking drugs that you must follow : If consuming special drugs causing to gaining overweight , notice and follow the rules below :

First Rule : Without Consulting to your doctor , don’t stop consuming your drug , Because it may be useful to maintain health .

Second rule : Don’t compare with the other persons which consume this drug , because the side effects of a drug doesn’t appear similary . If a Drug Causes overweight in a person , necessarily , doesn’t have similar effect on you .

Third rule : If your overweight is due to accumulating liquids in body , Don’t Worry . because this overweight is not permanent . When the consuming the drugs would be finished or your disease would be controlled , The puffiness caused by liquid accumulation would be improved .

Fourth law : Consult with your doctor about alternative drugs that you want to consume . In many cases , the doctors prescribe another drug that has no side effects .

Fifth rule : If gaining weight is due to decrease in metabolism in the body related to an illness or consuming drugs , you must increase the rate of metabolism by exercising .


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