Key point to have youthful and succulent skin

By reading these subjects , you will find out , how to have healthy , transparent and wrinkle-free skin . Consider and observing some specific points about skin , is especially  important . Creating balance and variety in diet is essential ,

In  a balanced diet , receiving enough nutrients of all of foods are required . That is because of a person doesn’t get malnutrition and lack of vitamin and protein and minerals . Implementation of such a program , play a significant role in the lives of people . Especially those who are interested in taking food out of the house . use the food pyramid and following daily programming for eating foods , is an easy and understandable way for having a balanced diet .

Fruits and vegetables : Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is the key to keeping youngness, and prevents premature skin aging. because of containing a plenty of Antioxidants which prevent cell damage . To ensure the presence of antioxidants , should be consumed fruits and vegetables raw and fresh .

Fluids and Liquids : Drinking fluids are also important in the prevention of skin aging . If the skin has sufficient moisture , then the wrinkles would be less . the experts recommend that you drink 6 to 8 glasses of water per a day . coffee and soft drinks aren’t good sources of liquids .

Cooking method : how the cooking is prepared is also a serious impact on the process of aging . the experts belive that we should reduce the cooking time and should avoid high frying and cooking them with plenty of grease .

Controlling  of received calories : The controlling of consumed calories has a significant impact to prevent skin aging .Adding and losing weight quickly causing the skin wrinkled , then you must avoid obesity and weight loss .


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The foods that prevent aging : Some of fruits and vegetables . Citrus : Including Orange-Grapefruit – Kinds of Lemon -Tangerine – kinds of Berries – Tomato – Bell peppers – Can talo upe – Strawberries – Melon – watermelon – Sour Cherry – Cherry and Kiwi

Potatoes and green vegetables : such as broccoli -Grapes , Raisins , Sour cherry , Tangerine , Orange , Grape fruit , Lime which contains of a plenty of Biofelavenoeeds

Chlorophyll : Chlorophyll is one of the materials which prevents premature aging . Parsley , Alfalfa , Spinach , Broccoli , Leek , Mint , Savory , Beetroot and mint leaves are the most important sources of chlorophylls.

Albumen , Pomegranates and pomegranate juice , watermelon , olive oil , Blueberries , Green tea

Always remember this advice : ”’ Beautiful skin comes from inside of you ”’

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