How to lower the blood Sugar ?

Follow and apply the recommendations below for lowering blood Sugar . 1- Using soluble fiber , will increase the required time for the absorption of blood Sugar and prevent the sudden rise in blood Sugar after eating a meal . Then eating an apple with skin , beans and vegetables which are rich in fiber , helps to control the raising of blood Sugar . Good sources of soluble fiber include : Apples ,Citrus fruits Such as orange , Lemons and grapefruit , Strawberries and whole grains . 2- Consumption of potatoes , Carrots , White flour and wheat flour are prohibited for you , especially potatoes . 3- As far as possible avoid the consumption of simple carbohydrates (Sugar , sweets , jams , white flour , jelly , candy , etc ) and avoid more from the consumption of complex Carbohydrates . 4-¬†The best form of consumption of the bread is whole meal bread which is the best choice of it and barley bread too . 5- High fat intake should be avoided , Because a lot of fat in the body causes falling rapidly accelerates diabetic patients . Especially saturated fat (solid) , which negatively affected the ability of the effect of isulin on glucose metabolism . So we recommend you separate the visib fats of the meat and especially the chicken’s skin , and prefer the breast part to thigh . 6-Give preference grilling , steaming and quick cooking methods to frying in oil . Cool meat juices after cooking . and take away the fats on the top surface of it . 7-Eating fish may reduce 50 percent of developing type 2 diabetes . 8-Onions and garlic are the earliest food that has been considered the treatment of diabetes and recent research has emphasized the following . 9-Broccoli vegetable is very useful medical and rich in choromium and helps to regulate in a very desirable area . 10- You must consume a low fat diary products ( except children) remove from your diet high-fat yogurt , milk , cream , full fat cheese ( gouda , pizza ,etc) , cream and butter .


11-Antioxidants such as Vitamin C,E and beta – carotene , are the very important materials which protect beta cells . 12-Eating fruits with skin causes a gradual uncrease in blood Sugar . It is interesting to know that there are more vitamins and minerals in the layer close to skin , and you must prohibit and reduce eating the sweet fruits such as bananas , fig , melon ,…13-Consumption some spices , intensify insulin activity . Research proves that taking cinnamon , Cloves , turmeric and Laurel , has tripled the insulin activity , and the cinnamon has the greater effect between them . 14- Using fenugreek seeds causes to control diabetes . 15 -Drinking daily 7-8 glasses of water , is recommended . 16- You must read and notice to calorie information which is written on the lable of foods . 17- Don’t consume eggs more than 3 per week . 18-It’s emphasized that these patients must reduce salt¬†intake . 19- Don’t forget consuming the fruits such as Strawberries , dates ( with caution ) , pears , cherries and apples , especially with the skin . 20- Don’t miss consuming soy foods which are helpful to reduce glucose and in addition they have significant effect on lipids .

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