High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure , a condition that should be feared

Blood pressure definition : Blood Pressure is a pressure which the blood transfers into the artery walls when it is passing through the vessels . The fluctuations in blood pressure are normal for example , when you are resting or sleeping the blood pressure decreases , when you are exercising or doing physical activity , Blood pressure rises . But if the blood pressure remains high , it is abnormal . The blood Pressure , is a serious medical illness which is called ”Hypertension ” too . It makes your heart to do extra activity . High Blood pressure is a serious danger and risk for the health . This illness can cause damaging of below organs . 1-Alteries,  2-Heart,  3-Brain,  4- Kidneys , 5-Eyes . The Causes of getting high blood pressure : 1-Smoking 2-Overweight and Obesity 3-Having diabete 4-Lack of exercise or activity Such as Prolonged sitting behind a desk . 5-Lack of walkig and exercise . 6-High Consumption of salt , and salty foods . 7-Low intake of Calcium , magnesium and potassium in foods . 8-Lack of vitamin D in body . 9- Having Severe stress . 10- Aging 11- Taking special medications such as birth control pills . 12- Having genetic and family background . 13-Having Chronic kidney disease . 14-Having tumor of the adrenal gland. 15-Having thyroid gland tumors . 16- Having congenital defects in the blood vessels. The six key steps to prevent hypertension : 1-Follow a safe diet , Consume at least 5 units of fruit and vegetables , daily . 2- Having more physically activity . Follow an exercise program daily . Try to have at least 30 minutes physically exercise daily . Physically activities prevent heart and brain attacks . 3- Saying No to tobacco and Smoking . 4-Having the favorable weight . Losing the extra weight with reduced salt intaking leads to have a balanced blood pressure . 5-Aware of your health status. Ask of your doctor to advice you for achieving a desired health condition . 6- Avoid the Consumption of Carbonated drinks High Consumption of these drinks leads weight gaining and sequently increasing the blood pressure .

High Blood Pressure

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