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Full breakfast in some countries of the world

Every country has its own traditions and customs . And one of these customs , is its cuisine and food .

Among the daily meals , breakfast has the great importance in most of the countries of the world . In below report , we intend to introduce the breakfast of some countries of the world .

1. Full English Breakfast : Consists of bean , sausage , bacon , eggs , mushroom , tomato , potatoes pudding , and the black pudding and toast bread with drinking tea , coffee and orangeade

2. Quick Spanish breakfast: Pan a La Catalana or Pan Con Tomate is a simple and delicious breakfast . roll

the bread and fresh milk and tomato and then pour some olive oil and salt on it . and eat them with ham and sausage


3. Healthy breakfast of Hawaii : In addition to the colorful and juicy fruit , the rings of sweets which are so delicious and full of energy would be eaten as breakfast


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4. The Famous American breakfast :

Thick homemade pancakes with nectar and plum and thin sheets of bacon on them are the famous brakfast of American People


The traditional German breakfast : Sausage , local cheese and freshed baked bread are a typical breakfast in Germany

5. Portugalian Breakfast : A lot of coffee with Croissant bread which is filled with vegetables and nutrients material , are the Portugalian breakfast


6.Polandian breakfast : the traditional breakfast of Poland is called Jajecznica , and included of scrambled egg
with cuttings of kielbasa and potato pancakes .

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