Foods to maintain youth and longevity 2

Foods to maintain youth and longevity

Foods to maintain youth and longevity:
scientists believe that eating and consuming the following foods,act like a miracle for maintaining youth and longevity
Black cocoa: researches has shown that Cocoa facilitates the function of blood vessles.ALso keep your heart healthy,it prevents from diseases such as diabetes type 2,high blood pressure and kidney diseases. Black raspberry:Not only the available antioxidants in this fruit have the character of anti cancer,but also prevents from the destruction of cells because of releasing of free radicals,thus it causes increasing lifetime . Fish : Fish is the heart’s friend . fish consumption prevents increasing of blood cholesterol and heart diseases. Nuts:The Nuts are a good source of  unsaturated fats,vitamins,minerals and antioxidant and the balanced daily consumption of it,is useful for the body. Olive oil:The countries which have the higher consumption of olive oil per capita,in the same ratio,have the less statistics of morality due to heart and cancer diseases.On the other hand the consumption of olive oil causes fighting against the diseases related to aging. Yogurt:The available calcalcium in yogurt prevents osteoporosis,also there are the beneficial bacteria in yogurt that are useful for human heart. The healthy eating is difficult in practice.This difficulty is related to abondon old habits and wrong feeding practices.The main subject is observing the limits in feeding. We must eat various foods in several times,especially bread and grain, daily.
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