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find out how you can make your skin to be refreshed and clear

You’ll find out how you can make your skin to be refreshed and clear . Of Course , this is possible by using Cosmetic Cream , in the long term , But if you want to organize your wedding ceremony soon ,We have another suggestion for you . Change your breakfast planning for 10 days and you can begin it from today , and picking our recommended breakfast on the table . Eating these 10 kinds of useful and nutritious breakfast , Can help you for taking 10 long steps for having beautiful and clear Skin . The Special breakfast of the first day . 1-Italian Omelette : Mix 2 Large tomatoes with an egg yolk and half of egg albumen , Add a spoonful of olive oil and half a red bell pepper , By making it , You have prepared a delicious Italian breakfast for the first day . Dr.Jessica  Veo , The Professional in hair and Skin from Los Angeles University and the author of the book ”Nourish Your Face ” Says : ”Tomatoes are one of the biggest lovers of our Skin . ” The recent Survey of American Scientists Shows that Consuming vegetables and red summer Crops , helps reducing of the Symptoms of sunburn , Increasing of making Collagen in Skin , and reducing of Skin wrinkles . The special breakfast of the second day . 2-The fruit and oats omelettes : The consumption of oats , is as well as useful for the health of the heart , and so helps maintaining healthy Skin . You can prepare the second breakfast of the second day , By mixing the roasted or boiled oat , with sliced apples and figs . After complete mixing , pour a little honey over it . Eating honey and apple can prevent wrinkle and gives softness to the skin . The Special breakfast of the third day . 3-Greek Omelette : To prepare a greek omelette , mix about 300 Grams of Chopped raw spinach with an egg , and a spoonful of olive oil and a pinch of salt , and put this mixture on a stove over 20-30 minutes to cook Completely . The available Vitamin A In Spinach can destroy the redness and blemishes of the Skin . In addition , the available antioxidants in this omelette , Can destroy the harmful effects of UV radiation . The special breakfast of the fourth day . 4-Strawberry and Kiwi Juice If you don’t have enough time to prepare a detailed breakfast , It’s better to prepare a full glass of strawberry and Kiwi Juice , instead of immediate coffee full of calories . The special breakfast of the fifth day .5-Apple and Walnut Cake , How to Prepare ? This Cake’s recipe is like a sponge Cake . You must use full wholemeal flour and pieces of hard yellow apple and pieces of walnut . The amount of milk , Sugar and eggs is related to the size of Cake that you are going to cook . The special breakfast of the sixth day .

6-Banana Bread and bitter Chocolate : Maybe this breakfast seems strange but preparing of this breakfast is as simple as scrambled . Melting a little Chocolate on the water vapor and rup it on a big piece of Manna bread and put the piece of banana on the Chocolate . If you drink a cup of low fat milk with this breakfast , You’ll minimize the possibility of scaling and drying of the Skin . The special breakfast seventh day . 7-The Cream Cheese and wholemeal bread . One the reasons of darkening of the Skin is reducing the amount of fat in the body . Most of bridal used to follow a hard diet before the wedding Ceremony , and this may cause darkening of the skin of them , then eating a low fat meal such as wholemeal bread with Cream cheese and walnuts or steamed salmone fish rich of Omega 3 can help preserving of Clearing Skin . The Special breakfast eight day . 8-The green Tea : Nowadays , drink a glass of green tea instead of tea or coffee . The Japanese researchers believe that drinking the green tea can destroy the harmful effects of UV rays on the skin and prevent of Skin Cancer . The Special breakfast of nineth Day : 9-The wholemeal grains with banana and honey . The wholemeal grains contains of antioxidants that Causing the youthness and beauty of the skin . The available Zinc in these grains can help to making more collagen and finally helping the regeneration of Skin . For gaining more nutrients you can also add a bit of banana and honey to breakfast meal . The special breakfast for tenth day : 10- The sweet potato . The available Beta Carotene in the sweet potato can act as a sunscreen for the skin .By Eating boiled sweet potatoes for breakfast , The body recieves sufficient Beta Carotene and Vitamin A , Then the skin Can remains safe from sun burning and drying .

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