Did You know some food can make you dumb

Did You know some food can make you dumb?

Although it is 2014 already and a lot of information about dietary importance have been reviled trough the Main Stream Media and some of them in even in the high school books, but there may still a lot to cover. Specially, in the middle of advertisement campaigns of  big franchise and fast food industries, there are people how lose their health and money on crappy food.

And here we are going to discuss the foods that will even do worse than increasing you chance of heart disease and cancer, they make you dumb. Yes, there have been some studies indicating that some every day food my be related to decrease in consumers decrease in IQ.

Some of the food are directly involve with the nutrition that are necessary for brain, some of them reduce you general health that will result in lower IQ (trough dedication of resources to repair the chronicle damage) and finally the foot and goodies that lead to attention disorder that will result in lower development in essential learning abilities.

Chowing Gum:

This one is for the last effect. Chowing gum can lead to dedication of brain to the act of chowing which needs special control of the tongue and position it so that it doesn’t get bitten. If you didn’t know, the tongue is one of the most complicate muscle in our bodies. Because of that is that sometimes you see some people open up their mouth or keep their tongue out while they are trying to do some thing that need more attention. Although, that act is involuntary, but it is dedicated to send this message to brain that: “hey body, don’t worry about the tongue, it is about and the teeth are not going to bit it… go do your thing”.

On the other hand, there are some other studies that point out the chowing gum is good for developing your brain.

Did You know some food can make you dumb


Potato chips,rice,  large amount of bread and even pizza:

If you have read even a little about the nutrition and dietary facts, you have probably gussed it that by talking about potato,  rice, bread and pizza, we are talking moslty about curbs or more scientifically , the carbohydrates.

Most of our brain, something close to 95% of it will develop in our first 4 years, and like any other organ, the growth hormone is and essential in development. You are getting it now, right? Ok, let me add that sugar, which is a by product of breaking down curbs will reduce HGH (Human Growth Hormone) drastically.

So, it is vital to avoid and sugary and curby food during the infantry pride to insure the healthy and strong brain growth.



Saturated fat, like the thing that you can find in butter. On this one, I’m still trying to find a logical and strong connection between consumption of butter and lower IQ. I will up date this post when I get the solid link. But for now, I’m going to recite the Harvard study on 6000 women during a 4 years period. The study showed that ladies who haven’t been using butter in their daily meal, had a much better performance on all brain functionality.

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