Couple of everyday Food that work as painkillers

Couple of everyday Food that work as painkillers

Pain and suffering and getting rid of it, has been a great concern of human for many years. The painkillers and other things in that order can bring a lot of money for their providers and distributes. There have been empires built on just creating and distributing painkiller since before written history. As example you can see that the number of multinational multibillion dollar companies on the big exchange boards that are dedicated to create and distribute painkilling medicine.

Couple of everyday Food that work as painkillers



Yeah, fish. On top of protein phosphor and other goodies, fishes have Omega 3 in their oil. Omega 3 is one of the best mode regulators in our body that not only help us control our temper and help with our central nervous system, but also can help up to deal with pain a little better and easier. To get enough Omega 3 in our daily meals, we need to include fish in our dietary plan, at least twice a week. But sometimes, too much fish will lead to mercury poisoning. Therefore, it is better to supplement the fish with the Omega 3 capsules.



Milk is one of those cheap and abundantly available foods. Milk containes a substance named “Melatonin” which is directly involved with the regulating the sleep cycle in most animals. Probably this is why you feel a little bit sleepy eating yogurt. Therefore, a glass of milk can totally act as an sleeping pill with much less side affect. Another important substance that is very much involved with regulating our mode and senses is vitamin D. You can get this vitamin directly trough your skin by standing on the sun or drinking milk.



There are thousands and thousands of different types of tea in this world. If you want to take the tea as the essence of different herb, you can probably find equivalent of almost any branded medicine on the shelves. But if we take our ordinary everyday tea, it contains teaine, which result in total calmness and improvement in mode.

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