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The useful foods for refreshment and fix impatience

The experts believe , foods and drinks , While supplying nutrients needed by the body , also affect the mood of people . For example , Consuming the foods that keep Glucose low , are effective for staying balanced of temperament . In below we indicate some of foods which affect the mood . Fatigue: When the amount of energy is dropping out , The first reaction of the people is drinking coffee or eating chocolate for increasing energy. Since the consumption of these foods has short-term  effects , Therefore you must Consume the foods which have the low glycemie , and slowly release the energy . These foods including , wholeMeal bread (bran-bread) , Pasta and Cereals Inadequate Consuming of iron , Can Cause fatigue so suggest to consume meat , poultry , fish , Beans , and Fortified cereals . Impatience , may be due to having stress , lack of hormonal balance , depression and Emotional impact . Diet plays an important role in a person’s mood . The results of researching shows that the foods in tryptophan and Protein which consumed with Carbohydrates are suitable for this case . The source of these types of foods , Including Chicken , Fish , Egg , Dairy , Beans and grains . Depression : For counteracting with depression , Eating fish which have been riched with Omega3 Such as Salmon , Sardine , Fish oil , is an excellent source of Vitamin B12 , The Folate available in green vegetables and Citrus fruits , Selenium available in meat , are so suitable . Stress : To reduce and eliminate the consequences of stress , eating whole grains , Carbohydrates , Protein , Fruits , the vegetables riched by Vitamin C Such as Strawberries , Cranberry and Kiwi is suitable effective . Fear : Although most of people experience fear in different periods of life , But by Consuming the foods riched by folate Such as Beans , Vegetables with green Leafy and Lentil , You Can Eliminate the consequences of fearing .

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Know the hidden causes of obesity

Overweight (obesity) : If your overweight is the result of  the accumulation of liquids , Don’t worry . because in this case , weight gaining is not permanent . You shouldn’t be surprised of your overweight , if you eat too  much  , and your activity is too low . But if you eat a little food , and your mobility isn’t so low , you should wonder of weight gaining . Doctors say , there are the other reasons might have a role in gaining weight except inheritance and mobility. In this article we look at some of the major causes of hidden obesity .

1. Insomnia : If you stay awake at night , the probability of eating is high and the rate of received calorie will increase . Furthermore , changes in hormone levels , causes increasing in feeling of hunger and appetite and you will feel full longer .

2. Menopause : Most of women gaining overweight close to approaching menopause probably the reason of this overweight is not the hormones . but by increasing age , the body’s metabolism slows down , and burns fewer calories . furthermore , changes in lifestyle , such as less mobility , may also be involved in gaining weight , But it may be related to menopause , the place in body which fat accumulates . In menopause , the fat is accumulated arround the waist , not in the thighs and pelvic.

3. Leaving the smoking (Quit Smoking ) : People who Quit smoking will add their weight less than 4.5 Kilo in Average.

4. Hypothyroidism : If thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormone , you would probably feel tired , weaking and colding , and you would gain overweight .

5. Consuming the corticosteroid drugs : Consuming anti- inflammatory and corticosteroids such as perdnisolone , because of their impaction are known as gaining overweight .

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6. Taking Contraceptives Pills : Contrary to popular opinion , taking the contracetives Pills , wouldn’t cause gaining overweight for the long time , but some of the women which take combination tablets of estrogen and progesterone , gain a little overweight , which is related to accumulation of liquid in the body , and usually this case is in short-term.

7. Taking some of the nerve tablets and drugs : one of the side effects of some of the antidepressants drugs is overweighting . Therefore If you think , taking this drug causes obesity , consult with your doctor .

8. Having Stress : In times of having stress , the secretion of cortisol (a stress hormone ) will increase in the body , and sequently appetite will increase too . And finally this factor prepares the conditions for gaining weight .

5 rules of taking drugs that you must follow : If consuming special drugs causing to gaining overweight , notice and follow the rules below :

First Rule : Without Consulting to your doctor , don’t stop consuming your drug , Because it may be useful to maintain health .

Second rule : Don’t compare with the other persons which consume this drug , because the side effects of a drug doesn’t appear similary . If a Drug Causes overweight in a person , necessarily , doesn’t have similar effect on you .

Third rule : If your overweight is due to accumulating liquids in body , Don’t Worry . because this overweight is not permanent . When the consuming the drugs would be finished or your disease would be controlled , The puffiness caused by liquid accumulation would be improved .

Fourth law : Consult with your doctor about alternative drugs that you want to consume . In many cases , the doctors prescribe another drug that has no side effects .

Fifth rule : If gaining weight is due to decrease in metabolism in the body related to an illness or consuming drugs , you must increase the rate of metabolism by exercising .



Key point to have youthful and succulent skin

By reading these subjects , you will find out , how to have healthy , transparent and wrinkle-free skin . Consider and observing some specific points about skin , is especially  important . Creating balance and variety in diet is essential ,

In  a balanced diet , receiving enough nutrients of all of foods are required . That is because of a person doesn’t get malnutrition and lack of vitamin and protein and minerals . Implementation of such a program , play a significant role in the lives of people . Especially those who are interested in taking food out of the house . use the food pyramid and following daily programming for eating foods , is an easy and understandable way for having a balanced diet .

Fruits and vegetables : Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is the key to keeping youngness, and prevents premature skin aging. because of containing a plenty of Antioxidants which prevent cell damage . To ensure the presence of antioxidants , should be consumed fruits and vegetables raw and fresh .

Fluids and Liquids : Drinking fluids are also important in the prevention of skin aging . If the skin has sufficient moisture , then the wrinkles would be less . the experts recommend that you drink 6 to 8 glasses of water per a day . coffee and soft drinks aren’t good sources of liquids .

Cooking method : how the cooking is prepared is also a serious impact on the process of aging . the experts belive that we should reduce the cooking time and should avoid high frying and cooking them with plenty of grease .

Controlling  of received calories : The controlling of consumed calories has a significant impact to prevent skin aging .Adding and losing weight quickly causing the skin wrinkled , then you must avoid obesity and weight loss .


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The foods that prevent aging : Some of fruits and vegetables . Citrus : Including Orange-Grapefruit – Kinds of Lemon -Tangerine – kinds of Berries – Tomato – Bell peppers – Can talo upe – Strawberries – Melon – watermelon – Sour Cherry – Cherry and Kiwi

Potatoes and green vegetables : such as broccoli -Grapes , Raisins , Sour cherry , Tangerine , Orange , Grape fruit , Lime which contains of a plenty of Biofelavenoeeds

Chlorophyll : Chlorophyll is one of the materials which prevents premature aging . Parsley , Alfalfa , Spinach , Broccoli , Leek , Mint , Savory , Beetroot and mint leaves are the most important sources of chlorophylls.

Albumen , Pomegranates and pomegranate juice , watermelon , olive oil , Blueberries , Green tea

Always remember this advice : ”’ Beautiful skin comes from inside of you ”’

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What Can be done to prevent hair loss

Hair loss is one of the broblems , which we can strictly claim the most of world’s people are faced with it . Many Factors are involved in hair loss such as environmental , genetic , hormonal factors . Also diseases such as thyroid disorders , anemia and kinds on feeding are involved in hair loss too . We can’t ignore the importance of diet in maintaining good health especially about hair . The most common reasons for hair loss in women is food shortage.

Because the women often apply the non-normative diets to lose their weight . As well as those who do not eat animal food and so are vegetarians , because of the lack of information in the field of how to use plant foods , Face to deficient of protein , zinc , iron and vitamins of B Group and essential amino Acids .

In the following , the resources of some important element and effective in the health of the hair is mentioned .

Protein : Protein , is the basis of the needs of body tissues such as hair , nails , and skin . and can be found in some cases such as meat (chicken , fish and real meat ) , eggs , Dairy , Bean . Also can be slightly found in the straches such as bread , rice , macaroni and vegetables

prevent hair loss

Calcium and magnesium : The group of milk and dairy products are rich in calcium and magnesium and protein . The vitamins of B Group : One of the treatments for hair loss is to consuming high amounts of foods which contains vitamin B . In This group , Vitamin B , B6 and Biotin are so important. Rich sources of vitamin B6 are liver , Bananas , Sunflower Seeds , Fish , Chicken , Weat germ , Dried plums , Meat , whole grains , yeast and yolk . The rich sources of Biotin : Liver , Chicken , Wheat germ , Wheat bran , egg and Peanuts .

Antioxidants : Including vitamin E  , Vitamin C , Betacarotene which can be found in sweet potato , Carrots , Cooked Spinach , Squash , Contaloupe , Apricot , Broccoli , and red grape fruit . The Japanese scientists beleieve in the base of their researches that if there are a lot of fat in the diet of males , the mechanism of baldness would be accelerated . the best advise is to eat the low-fat foods which are useful and beneficial .

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stay younger by leaving these 12 habits

Do you look older , faster than your real age ? If you’re unhappy of your image which you see in the mirror , It’s the time that you check out some of your daily habits . The foods that you eat , and even the way that you sleep are potentially able to make you older . In this article , the experts explain about the most common habits which causes senescence . and express the ways to solve and remove these habits .

1. Doing some works simultaneously . If you do some works in the same time , you will get more stress , and chronic stress produces free radicals and squently damage cells of body . and then it causes senescence . Try to do works one by one . In any time , concentrate on doing one activity and after it is finished , begin the second .

2. Eating much pastries and sweets : Eating much sweets causes over weight and the face seems older gradually . this process leads to the loss of transparency of the skin , Increasing facial wrinkles , create a puff on the face , then If you want to maintain and keep youth , then leave sweets for the rest people .

3. sleeping less than 5 hours at night :  Insomnia , not only causing black puffiness under the eyes , but it also lowers your life . Don’t forget that good sleep is about 7 hours at night .

4.watching too much Tv : Prolonged sitting and watching Tv , causes serious injury to the body . A research was published by a British Medical journal sport on 11000 Australian which were top of 25 years , the result of this research was that the average age of this group would be reduced 22 minutes per hour for whom which watching Tv more than one hour . People who watch Tv in average of 6 hours a day , the age of these people would be 5 years less than the others . we recommend you that if you have to do your work seated mode , get up in every 30 minutes and walk .

5. You don’t use Eye’s Cream : You must use an eye cream to moist the skins of under eyes to prevent wrinkles.

6. you make up yourself to much . If you make up too much , this action causes closing of pores and create wrinkles . therefore you should use making up balancely .

7. using sunscreen cream but just when you’re travelling . Exposuring of facial skin to UV sun is the main reason for any premature aging , then we recommend you to use the sunscreen cream continuously and in all weather conditions , even in cloudy days , because of the presence of harmful UV rays in cloudy conditions.

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8. you sleep pronely and dipping your head in pillow . this case of sleeping create wrinkles on your face . you must change the type of sleeping and use satin fabric for your pillows .

9. keeping your home so warm . when the weather is too cold , and you keep the inner space of your house so warm , this will cause the skin to become dry and irritated . finally and gradually it will cause aging . we recommend you , ”don’t  keep your home so warm , put a wet towel on the heating package , put a bowl of cold water in every room , for maintaing the moisture .

10. you’ll drinking with straw . Using straw for drinking causes wrinkles around the mouth . It’s better you pour your drinks from a bottle to a glass and then you drink it .

11. you eliminate total fat of your diet . for keeping the skin soft and elasticable , you must consume fat fishes such as salmon fish and walnut .

12. you hump : sitting in front of computer , causing ugly hump-like shape in the spine , over time


control diabet foods

20 foods which are the Enemies of the Diabetes

In the post below, we introduce to you, 20 foods which can prevent high blood sugar :

Apple : Most nutritionists recommend that surely include apple in your diet . because , apples are low in calories , and high in fiber  . Eating apples causes to relive hunger , and is the enemy with the bad cholesterol , and lowers blood sugar levels too .

Avakat : this fruit is rich in fatty acids and containing Mono-unsaturated , causes slowing down the digestion process , and preventing of increasing the sugar-blood after eating .

Barleycorn : You can replace barley instead of consuming rice . By this action , the level of blood sugar , decreases about 70 percent , after a meal , and remains stable for hours . Barley’s soluble fibers slow down digestion , and causes the gradual absorption of the blood sugar .

Vegetables : All solvents fiber available in vegetables , can inhibit  high blood sugar . Also the vegetables are rich in Protein and you can easily replace them with meat .

Beef : You can select the low-fat beef and assign 1/4 of your spoon in every meal a day , and you can easily replace it with the meat .

Fleshy Fruits : All kinds of fleshy fruits containing one or more seeds , red and purple colors , such as grapes , containing natural ingredients which called Antoine cyanine. The Scientists believe these colorful fruits are both able to reduce blood glucose levels and stimulating insulin production too .

Broccoli :Broccoli is rich in chromium and play a major role in regulating blood sugar in long time .

Carrots : Carrots is one of the rich natural sources of Beta-Carotene . Carrots , can reduce the risk of diabetes and regulate blood sugar .

Chicken : Chicken’s thigh meat has a low fat in comparison with the other parts . we strongly recommend that don’t eat the chicken’s skin at all , because of high fat of it .

Fish : one of the reasons of the death of diabetian patients is heart and vascular diseases . Eating fish once or twice a week , can reduce approximately 40% percent of this risk

Linseed : Linseeds are rich in protein , fiber , and good (useful) fat and magnesium . Linseeds regulate the blood-sugar and helps the cells’ absorbing insulin .

control diabet foods

Milk and Yogurt : These foods are rich in protein and Calcium .On the other hand can counter the insulin resistance

Walnuts : Walnuts , contains a large amount of fiber and protein and its metabolism is slow and turns into sugar gradually .

Oat : Consuming the oat cause the digestive system keep the food in longer time and slowing metabolism ( because of adhesion of the stomach ) , causes that blood sugar flowing slowly .

Olive oil : which is called as ” liquid gold ” , because it contains anti inflammatory and strong compounds , and is anti-diabetes .

Peanut butter : the recent researches show that consuming peanut butter , causes decreasing of appetite and causes feeling satiated in comparison with a while , which consuming low-fiber sugarful food materials.

Peanut butter can regulate blood-sugar because of riching in unsaturated fats menus .

Wholemeal bread : High consumption of white bread insulin , and causes increasing the blood sugar while the wholemeal does exactly opposite

Sweet potato : a sweet potato which is roasted in oven , increased blood sugar 30 % percent less than regular potatoes , because of containing high fiber and micronutrients which cause lowering the cholesterol , and slowing down the digestion


health and 100 years life

Discover the secrets of life to 100 years

New researches of scholars about the secrets of living 100 years old , disclosed . the result of these studies show that the more social and optimistic , more you live .

Researchers in new research results , showed that special Characteristics Like being social and optimistic , getting the life easy , pleasure of laugh and active in various activities can play an important role in life time .

When 243 people of 100 years old had been studied they had positive approach to life .

Previous studies of this population shows the other genetic causes of longevity , that one of them that we can refer to it , is cellular repair mechanisms .


health and 100 years life


Another study also concluded that the 100 years old society necessarily do not differ of the aspect of health habbits , with others : Generally it can be concluded about this society that :

they are social , optimistic and easygoing . They know laughing as an important part of life , and they have an important role in social activities . They don’t have a nervous character , and also they are very conscientious and dutiful people

anti cancer

Anti-Cancer Food Basket

Some foods have an important role in preventation of cancer . So that 9 essential nutrients in this field are defined as follow .

Foods that would go against Cancer :

1. Spinach : Spinach , in addition to increasing the strength and creating energy in the body , and because of its rich in Chloropyll , Carotene , Iron and Folic acid , is an anti Cancer food . Spinach also has anti-aging properties.

2.Types of Cabbage , specially broccoli :

The researchers of England believe that consuming cabbage specially for men is so useful specially against the prostate cancer .

3. Kinds of berries : All Kinds of berries , Including mulberry , raspberry and blackberry are against Cancer

4. Walnut : Walnut is a useful food that has anti-cancer , treatment of migraine , reduce blood fat property .

anti cancer

5. Garlic : the garlic contains of 200 active compound biologic . garlic can guard the body against tumors , colon and esophagus Cancer

6.Beans : American researchers shows that the beans with the dark colors such as red beans can play an important role in reduction of Colon Cancer .

7.Fish : the available vitamin D in fishes can have a significant role in reducing the risk of Colon cancer .

8. Saffron : The recent evidence shows that Saffron , as a cancer preventive agent , is very effective .

9.Spices like turmeric and Curry : using the spices such as turmeric and curry in cooking foods can cause protection of body against the kinds of Cancer

Meanwhile , drinking black and green tea , eating eggs and yogurt , Mushroom , and fiber-rich foods are anti-Cancer foods too

Fruits a

Foods and Fruits which are fat burner

Some of the fruits have sugar and cause the obesity . Conversely the others causes skinniness .

Have you heard about the fruits which make the fat burned . Do You know these fruits ? There are a number of foods which are known as ” Negative calorie foods ” , these foods , as compared to other materials , require more energy to digest . It means that , the body burns more calories to digest them . also the body can not save more calories of these foods .

Consequently in addition to cause burnning fats in the body , and less likely become fat and stored .

Foods consist of Fat  , Protein , Carbohydrates Calories  , Vitamins and minerals . vitamins , Stimulates the body’s tissues to produce enzymes

These enzymes make analysis of the energy consumption of a food . Therefore the negative Calorie foods are the foods which consist of rich vitamins and minerals .

Fruits a

Fruits B


Not only They burn the energy comes from them but they consume the extra energy during digestion . Of Cource remember that the consumption of these foods is effective when do not consume high-calorie foods such as snacks , chips , and ….

The negative calorie food including lots of fruits and vegetables which includes the foods follows vegetables :

Asparagus , Beet , Cabbage , Broccoli , Carrots , Cauli Flower , Celery , Succory , Chili (hot pepper ) , Cucumber , Garlic , Green beans , Lettuce , Onions , Radish , Spinach , Turnip and Zucchini .


Fruits :

Apple , Blueberries , Brussels sprouts , Cantaloupe , Grapefruit , Lemon , Mango , Orange , Peaches , Pineapple , Raspberry , Strawberries , Tomatoes , Tangerine , Watermelon

dark chocolate a

6 reasons to eat dark chocolate surely

1. Chocolate is rich in minerals . and is a strong trove of benefits , too . Black Chocolate is full of minerals such as Magnesium , Phosphorus , Potassium , Iron , Zinc and vitamins of B group .

Chocolate promotes a balanced diet with a varied diet . Be careful in your selection , select a real black chocolate and forget Cocoa biscuits and other sweet desserts , because they have no nutritional value .


2. Real Chocolate is an anti-depression . Chocolate is good for Morale and spirit . because there is a known mineral called Magnesium in it . this mineral is calming  . with having these characteristics , has become chocolates as an anti depressant .


3. Chocolates , helps to relieve wrinkles . chocolates is one of the 10th foods that cause and maintain youth .

Cocoa is one of the richest foods with sources of flavonoids . Don’t exclude yourself of bitting into chocolate with cocoa , because eating it helps to have a younger body and more dynamic in a long time .


dark chocolate a

4. Chocolate helps to prevent heart disease . Flavonoids which there are in dark chocolates have a benefical role in protecting body against heart and vessels diseases .


5. Chocolate prevents of high blood pressure . in fact , eating it considerably causes to lower blood pressure and helps to stabilize it . and actually lower blood cholesterol .


6.eating dark chocolate prevent the type 11 diabetes . chocolate contains 500 calories per 100 grams , and is rich in fat and carbohydrates . But eating it doesn’t cause obesity . and should not remove from your diet .

eating chocolate causes both getting the necessary calories and vitamins and don’t go to other eating fattening too