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The miraculous and unbelievable properties of consuming bananas

The miraculous and unbelievable properties of consuming bananas

In this article we are going to make you familiar with the benefits of banana fruit . medicinal uses of bananas : The banana contains a lot of fiber , and because of the lack of the harmful sugar in the banana , it can provide the necessary energy for doing the activities But the interesting point about the banana is that , in some cases it can be used istead of drugs . Here are a few benefits of medicinal benefits of banana . 1- High blood-pressure : Banana contains a lot of potassium , which can play an important role in controlling blood pressure . Eating a banana in morning can help to maintain normal blood pressure . 2-Depression : Banana contains tryptophan , which can act such as serotonin (Happy hormone ) If you consume a banana just now , to increase the happy hormones in your body and you will experience the happiness in your feelings . 3-Stress : Stress alters the metabolism in the body and thus reduce the amount of potassium . Regular consumption of bananas will balance the body and help to strengthen the heart , also eating bananas make adjusting the water balance in the body .


4-Constipation : Banana contains pectin , Pectin is a fiber that enhances the action of digestion and causes the stimulation of the detoxification of the body . In addition banana contains probiotics that aid digestion and reduce bloating and reduces the pressure induced constipation . 5- Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) : Bananas are rich in vitamin B6 . This vitamin can cause the symptoms of PMS . Consuming bananas cause to prevent abdominal pain and reduce mood swings and control the retention and accumulation of water in the body . The health benefits of Bananas : 1-Heart protection , 2-Medication for depression and mood drops , 3-Improve digestive and weight loss , 4- Eye sights , 5- The Cancer


Some benefits of eating nuts

Nuts are a wide variety Range of materials in the nuts are various but the following items as a key element forming nuts named : Pistachio nuts , sunflower seeds , pumpkin , japanese seeds , peanut , almonds , cashews , walnut , transport , raisins , and chickpea . One of the snacks which would be consumed during the meetings of newday feast is a significant amount of nuts . But it’s necessary to know about the nuts and its benefits. The medicinal properties of nuts : Eating nuts as part of a healthy balanced diet , is useful to maintain a healthy heart . In fact , consumption walnut , almonds and other nuts reduce blood cholesterol . Since the strange conditions and carry of these materials to work place or school is very comfortable , we can consume these nutritious food as snacks . Also by the appropriate usage of the nut’s brain , It can prevent the formation of blood clots and heart attacks are prevented from occuring , Nuts , protect heart health : Of Course depending on the type of nuts , It is different , The researchers believe that most nuts also contain the following substances are benefical to heart health . Unsaturated Fat : This is not specified the main reason of this subject , But it has been found that the useful fats in the nuts Lower the harmful level of blood Cholesterol . Omega-3 fatty acids : Many of nuts also contain a good amount of omega-3 . Omega-3 are benefical to the health of the heart   . The nuts are one of the best plant sources . Fiber : All types of nuts have a lot of fiber that reduce the levels of cholesterol , fibers , also causes a sense of fullness in the person and cause less eating foods . Also fiber intake is effective in preventing diabetes . Vitamin E : Of Course , researchers still don’t sure about this matter , But they think that vitamin E available in nuts can control and stop the growthing of plates in the arteries that causes the narrowing of them and sequently causes chest pain and attack heart . How much do we consume nuts ?

benefits of nuts nuts

Nuts, including tremendous amount of fat (about 80 percent of nuts consist of fat ) and also the most of these fats are useful for health , but still nuts consist of a lot of calories . In this reason we should consume nuts in a balanced and moderated amount . In fact ,it’s better we replace nuts instead of materials which have the saturated fat , Such as red meat , eggs and dairy products . According to results provided by the institute of food and drug (FDA) , daily intake 42.5 g nuts such as almonds hazel nut , peanut , walnut and pistachio can reduce the risk of heart diseases , Of course we must be careful that the use of nuts should be only part of your diet which means that we do not suppose the eating nuts , and simultanously not lowering the consumption of saturated fats available in dairy products and meat , can assurance the health of your body .

Foods to maintain youth and longevity 2

Foods to maintain youth and longevity

Foods to maintain youth and longevity:
scientists believe that eating and consuming the following foods,act like a miracle for maintaining youth and longevity
Black cocoa: researches has shown that Cocoa facilitates the function of blood vessles.ALso keep your heart healthy,it prevents from diseases such as diabetes type 2,high blood pressure and kidney diseases. Black raspberry:Not only the available antioxidants in this fruit have the character of anti cancer,but also prevents from the destruction of cells because of releasing of free radicals,thus it causes increasing lifetime . Fish : Fish is the heart’s friend . fish consumption prevents increasing of blood cholesterol and heart diseases. Nuts:The Nuts are a good source of  unsaturated fats,vitamins,minerals and antioxidant and the balanced daily consumption of it,is useful for the body. Olive oil:The countries which have the higher consumption of olive oil per capita,in the same ratio,have the less statistics of morality due to heart and cancer diseases.On the other hand the consumption of olive oil causes fighting against the diseases related to aging. Yogurt:The available calcalcium in yogurt prevents osteoporosis,also there are the beneficial bacteria in yogurt that are useful for human heart. The healthy eating is difficult in practice.This difficulty is related to abondon old habits and wrong feeding practices.The main subject is observing the limits in feeding. We must eat various foods in several times,especially bread and grain, daily.
useful foods 1

The useful foods for refreshment and fix impatience

The experts believe , foods and drinks , While supplying nutrients needed by the body , also affect the mood of people . For example , Consuming the foods that keep Glucose low , are effective for staying balanced of temperament . In below we indicate some of foods which affect the mood . Fatigue: When the amount of energy is dropping out , The first reaction of the people is drinking coffee or eating chocolate for increasing energy. Since the consumption of these foods has short-term  effects , Therefore you must Consume the foods which have the low glycemie , and slowly release the energy . These foods including , wholeMeal bread (bran-bread) , Pasta and Cereals Inadequate Consuming of iron , Can Cause fatigue so suggest to consume meat , poultry , fish , Beans , and Fortified cereals . Impatience , may be due to having stress , lack of hormonal balance , depression and Emotional impact . Diet plays an important role in a person’s mood . The results of researching shows that the foods in tryptophan and Protein which consumed with Carbohydrates are suitable for this case . The source of these types of foods , Including Chicken , Fish , Egg , Dairy , Beans and grains . Depression : For counteracting with depression , Eating fish which have been riched with Omega3 Such as Salmon , Sardine , Fish oil , is an excellent source of Vitamin B12 , The Folate available in green vegetables and Citrus fruits , Selenium available in meat , are so suitable . Stress : To reduce and eliminate the consequences of stress , eating whole grains , Carbohydrates , Protein , Fruits , the vegetables riched by Vitamin C Such as Strawberries , Cranberry and Kiwi is suitable effective . Fear : Although most of people experience fear in different periods of life , But by Consuming the foods riched by folate Such as Beans , Vegetables with green Leafy and Lentil , You Can Eliminate the consequences of fearing .

useful foods 1

breakfast g

Full breakfast in some countries of the world

Every country has its own traditions and customs . And one of these customs , is its cuisine and food .

Among the daily meals , breakfast has the great importance in most of the countries of the world . In below report , we intend to introduce the breakfast of some countries of the world .

1. Full English Breakfast : Consists of bean , sausage , bacon , eggs , mushroom , tomato , potatoes pudding , and the black pudding and toast bread with drinking tea , coffee and orangeade

2. Quick Spanish breakfast: Pan a La Catalana or Pan Con Tomate is a simple and delicious breakfast . roll

the bread and fresh milk and tomato and then pour some olive oil and salt on it . and eat them with ham and sausage


3. Healthy breakfast of Hawaii : In addition to the colorful and juicy fruit , the rings of sweets which are so delicious and full of energy would be eaten as breakfast


breakfast a

breakfast b

breakfast c

breakfast d

breakfast e

4. The Famous American breakfast :

Thick homemade pancakes with nectar and plum and thin sheets of bacon on them are the famous brakfast of American People


The traditional German breakfast : Sausage , local cheese and freshed baked bread are a typical breakfast in Germany

5. Portugalian Breakfast : A lot of coffee with Croissant bread which is filled with vegetables and nutrients material , are the Portugalian breakfast


6.Polandian breakfast : the traditional breakfast of Poland is called Jajecznica , and included of scrambled egg
with cuttings of kielbasa and potato pancakes .

breakfast f

breakfast g

breakfast h


The Caviar is the most expensive food in the world

The Caviar and sturgeon eggs is the most expensive food in the world . The Caspian sea , as the biggest source of sturgeon , provides more than 90 percent of caviar in the world .


Elephant fish or beluga , The Russian sturgeon or Acipenser and Iranian Ostera , Dip fish and stellate sturgeon are the essential species of the Caspian Sea . Consumption of Caviar is effective in the health of nerve cells .


In Countries where eating fish and Caviar has a special place in food habits , the rate of depression is much less than the other countries .Existing  the fatty acids (Omega-3 ) in Caviar , prevents increasing cholesterol and sequently in habit vascular and heart diseases .



Indeed , the consumption of Caviar is effective holding up the joints inflammation (arthritis ) and digestive tract disease and some kinds of cancer . Caviar is recommended to the patients which suffer from anemia .

The Caviar is itself , as the most aristocratic breakfast in the world .


Someone eat it raw and the others mix it with yolk or small onion

Couple of everyday Food that work as painkillers

Couple of everyday Food that work as painkillers

Pain and suffering and getting rid of it, has been a great concern of human for many years. The painkillers and other things in that order can bring a lot of money for their providers and distributes. There have been empires built on just creating and distributing painkiller since before written history. As example you can see that the number of multinational multibillion dollar companies on the big exchange boards that are dedicated to create and distribute painkilling medicine.

Couple of everyday Food that work as painkillers



Yeah, fish. On top of protein phosphor and other goodies, fishes have Omega 3 in their oil. Omega 3 is one of the best mode regulators in our body that not only help us control our temper and help with our central nervous system, but also can help up to deal with pain a little better and easier. To get enough Omega 3 in our daily meals, we need to include fish in our dietary plan, at least twice a week. But sometimes, too much fish will lead to mercury poisoning. Therefore, it is better to supplement the fish with the Omega 3 capsules.



Milk is one of those cheap and abundantly available foods. Milk containes a substance named “Melatonin” which is directly involved with the regulating the sleep cycle in most animals. Probably this is why you feel a little bit sleepy eating yogurt. Therefore, a glass of milk can totally act as an sleeping pill with much less side affect. Another important substance that is very much involved with regulating our mode and senses is vitamin D. You can get this vitamin directly trough your skin by standing on the sun or drinking milk.



There are thousands and thousands of different types of tea in this world. If you want to take the tea as the essence of different herb, you can probably find equivalent of almost any branded medicine on the shelves. But if we take our ordinary everyday tea, it contains teaine, which result in total calmness and improvement in mode.

Why you should eat egg

Why you should eat egg?

Egg is one of those cheap and abundantly available food. Like any other food, you should know what is good about it and what is not. As you know, the egg has two part, the white egg and the yuck or the yellow part.

Egg is a good source of vitamin D, which is really important for reconstruction of damaged genes and brain. Our body can make vitamin D, trough absorption of sun light on our skin. But, this method of creating vitamin D is not available for every body especially Nordic people who live close to the north pole which has shorter days and less sun light. Also, sun light and skin are not the best combination if you don’t like the skin cancer and face lines.

The yuck or the yellow part of egg has close to 240 calories of energy and one yuck has enough cholesterol for a week of a young guy.  Recently, there have been studies on daily use of one cooked egg every day. The study has shown one egg a day is equal to 10 cigars a day. Yes, that dangerous.

Why you should eat egg


But the white part of the egg, contain much needed protein, nutrition for eye and a lot more. Therefore, we  can conclude that the use of egg can be useful if you separate the yuck from the white and just use the white part of the egg with occasional yuck with it.


Did You know some food can make you dumb

Did You know some food can make you dumb?

Although it is 2014 already and a lot of information about dietary importance have been reviled trough the Main Stream Media and some of them in even in the high school books, but there may still a lot to cover. Specially, in the middle of advertisement campaigns of  big franchise and fast food industries, there are people how lose their health and money on crappy food.

And here we are going to discuss the foods that will even do worse than increasing you chance of heart disease and cancer, they make you dumb. Yes, there have been some studies indicating that some every day food my be related to decrease in consumers decrease in IQ.

Some of the food are directly involve with the nutrition that are necessary for brain, some of them reduce you general health that will result in lower IQ (trough dedication of resources to repair the chronicle damage) and finally the foot and goodies that lead to attention disorder that will result in lower development in essential learning abilities.

Chowing Gum:

This one is for the last effect. Chowing gum can lead to dedication of brain to the act of chowing which needs special control of the tongue and position it so that it doesn’t get bitten. If you didn’t know, the tongue is one of the most complicate muscle in our bodies. Because of that is that sometimes you see some people open up their mouth or keep their tongue out while they are trying to do some thing that need more attention. Although, that act is involuntary, but it is dedicated to send this message to brain that: “hey body, don’t worry about the tongue, it is about and the teeth are not going to bit it… go do your thing”.

On the other hand, there are some other studies that point out the chowing gum is good for developing your brain.

Did You know some food can make you dumb


Potato chips,rice,  large amount of bread and even pizza:

If you have read even a little about the nutrition and dietary facts, you have probably gussed it that by talking about potato,  rice, bread and pizza, we are talking moslty about curbs or more scientifically , the carbohydrates.

Most of our brain, something close to 95% of it will develop in our first 4 years, and like any other organ, the growth hormone is and essential in development. You are getting it now, right? Ok, let me add that sugar, which is a by product of breaking down curbs will reduce HGH (Human Growth Hormone) drastically.

So, it is vital to avoid and sugary and curby food during the infantry pride to insure the healthy and strong brain growth.



Saturated fat, like the thing that you can find in butter. On this one, I’m still trying to find a logical and strong connection between consumption of butter and lower IQ. I will up date this post when I get the solid link. But for now, I’m going to recite the Harvard study on 6000 women during a 4 years period. The study showed that ladies who haven’t been using butter in their daily meal, had a much better performance on all brain functionality.

What is he wax on the apple and is it safe to eat 1

What is he wax on the apple and is it safe to eat

We have recently seen a lots of videos about the wax on apple or some sort of white layer that can e easily scraped from to surface of and apple. Lot’s of people have voiced their concerns about the issue and the lines have been drawn on the sand. You can image what a battle field this has become with the giant agricultural companies and the health people. Even if we low ball a 3% drop in the consumption, we are going to talk about billions of dolor in lost profit and waste!

But let’s get tho the meat of the matter. Is it real? do they really add wax to to apple to keep them from going bad? or do they do it to make the apple all shinny and nice looking? as an example just take a look at the picture below:

What is he wax on the apple and is it safe to eat 2

The apple on the left is a waxed one and the one in the right is the unwaxed one. I for one, remember the days that the apple wasn’t that shiny and you should either wash it profusely or just peal them, otherwise you didn’t want to bit them.

There are “studies” (and I’m putting them in quotation because when it gets to commodities, you should take advise of a people who wear white coats, with a grain of salt) that indicate that “apple make its own wax”. I’m not sure why apples just decide to make their own wax recently? And if this studies are totally real, is there an opportunity that there were some sort of GMO modification involved? If this is the case, the apple industry is in a bigger trouble. Any ways, this wax phenomena is a nightmare for the apple industry and big agricultural. Here are couple of more pictures that people have taken put out there with their own wax experiment.

What is he wax on the apple and is it safe to eat What is he wax on the apple and is it safe to eat 1