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Be familiar with 10 top and spectacular lakes around the world

Beauty and spectacular landscape of lakes , Makes and attracts everybody to watch and enjoy of them In the following we would be familiar with 10 attractive of the world . 1. The Como Lombardy Lake in Italy : One of the most famous lakes in Europe due to a variety of recreational activities , including appropriate facilities , villas and spectacular coastline has attracted so many famous stars and celebrities . 2- The Climoto , Mooney Lake in Indonesia : The Climoto lake is located in three separated just on over a Volcanic pieak and this place is known so popular fortourists . 3- The Hall statter lake in Australia : This lake is attractive because it is located a village on the coastline . Everybody can also go swimming and boating on this lake .

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4-The carre rea lake in Argentina and Chile : This Lake has the fresh water and its spectacular display is changable between the color of emerald , turquoise , cyan and blue range . 5- McDonald Lake , Montana , United States This lake have been formed by the action of glaciers. 6- The Jotunheimen lake in Norway : This lake is so interesting because of the spectacular colored of lake . 7- Tahoe lake in United States : This Lake has two milion years old . It’s famous because of having ski resorts and a variety of water sports in the region . 8-The Tikapo Lake in New Zealand : The area around the lake is the peak of their beauty in the late spring and early summer . 9-The Abraham Lake , Alberta , Canada : This artificial Lake is located in the north Saskatchewan river . 10- Tipsoo Lake Washington , United States : This Lake is situated at altitude of 1615 meters above the sea . Around the lake is covered by colorful flowers in spring and summer .