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young key

stay younger by leaving these 12 habits

Do you look older , faster than your real age ? If you’re unhappy of your image which you see in the mirror , It’s the time that you check out some of your daily habits . The foods that you eat , and even the way that you sleep are potentially able to make you older . In this article , the experts explain about the most common habits which causes senescence . and express the ways to solve and remove these habits .

1. Doing some works simultaneously . If you do some works in the same time , you will get more stress , and chronic stress produces free radicals and squently damage cells of body . and then it causes senescence . Try to do works one by one . In any time , concentrate on doing one activity and after it is finished , begin the second .

2. Eating much pastries and sweets : Eating much sweets causes over weight and the face seems older gradually . this process leads to the loss of transparency of the skin , Increasing facial wrinkles , create a puff on the face , then If you want to maintain and keep youth , then leave sweets for the rest people .

3. sleeping less than 5 hours at night :  Insomnia , not only causing black puffiness under the eyes , but it also lowers your life . Don’t forget that good sleep is about 7 hours at night .

4.watching too much Tv : Prolonged sitting and watching Tv , causes serious injury to the body . A research was published by a British Medical journal sport on 11000 Australian which were top of 25 years , the result of this research was that the average age of this group would be reduced 22 minutes per hour for whom which watching Tv more than one hour . People who watch Tv in average of 6 hours a day , the age of these people would be 5 years less than the others . we recommend you that if you have to do your work seated mode , get up in every 30 minutes and walk .

5. You don’t use Eye’s Cream : You must use an eye cream to moist the skins of under eyes to prevent wrinkles.

6. you make up yourself to much . If you make up too much , this action causes closing of pores and create wrinkles . therefore you should use making up balancely .

7. using sunscreen cream but just when you’re travelling . Exposuring of facial skin to UV sun is the main reason for any premature aging , then we recommend you to use the sunscreen cream continuously and in all weather conditions , even in cloudy days , because of the presence of harmful UV rays in cloudy conditions.

young key

8. you sleep pronely and dipping your head in pillow . this case of sleeping create wrinkles on your face . you must change the type of sleeping and use satin fabric for your pillows .

9. keeping your home so warm . when the weather is too cold , and you keep the inner space of your house so warm , this will cause the skin to become dry and irritated . finally and gradually it will cause aging . we recommend you , ”don’t  keep your home so warm , put a wet towel on the heating package , put a bowl of cold water in every room , for maintaing the moisture .

10. you’ll drinking with straw . Using straw for drinking causes wrinkles around the mouth . It’s better you pour your drinks from a bottle to a glass and then you drink it .

11. you eliminate total fat of your diet . for keeping the skin soft and elasticable , you must consume fat fishes such as salmon fish and walnut .

12. you hump : sitting in front of computer , causing ugly hump-like shape in the spine , over time


control diabet foods

20 foods which are the Enemies of the Diabetes

In the post below, we introduce to you, 20 foods which can prevent high blood sugar :

Apple : Most nutritionists recommend that surely include apple in your diet . because , apples are low in calories , and high in fiber  . Eating apples causes to relive hunger , and is the enemy with the bad cholesterol , and lowers blood sugar levels too .

Avakat : this fruit is rich in fatty acids and containing Mono-unsaturated , causes slowing down the digestion process , and preventing of increasing the sugar-blood after eating .

Barleycorn : You can replace barley instead of consuming rice . By this action , the level of blood sugar , decreases about 70 percent , after a meal , and remains stable for hours . Barley’s soluble fibers slow down digestion , and causes the gradual absorption of the blood sugar .

Vegetables : All solvents fiber available in vegetables , can inhibit  high blood sugar . Also the vegetables are rich in Protein and you can easily replace them with meat .

Beef : You can select the low-fat beef and assign 1/4 of your spoon in every meal a day , and you can easily replace it with the meat .

Fleshy Fruits : All kinds of fleshy fruits containing one or more seeds , red and purple colors , such as grapes , containing natural ingredients which called Antoine cyanine. The Scientists believe these colorful fruits are both able to reduce blood glucose levels and stimulating insulin production too .

Broccoli :Broccoli is rich in chromium and play a major role in regulating blood sugar in long time .

Carrots : Carrots is one of the rich natural sources of Beta-Carotene . Carrots , can reduce the risk of diabetes and regulate blood sugar .

Chicken : Chicken’s thigh meat has a low fat in comparison with the other parts . we strongly recommend that don’t eat the chicken’s skin at all , because of high fat of it .

Fish : one of the reasons of the death of diabetian patients is heart and vascular diseases . Eating fish once or twice a week , can reduce approximately 40% percent of this risk

Linseed : Linseeds are rich in protein , fiber , and good (useful) fat and magnesium . Linseeds regulate the blood-sugar and helps the cells’ absorbing insulin .

control diabet foods

Milk and Yogurt : These foods are rich in protein and Calcium .On the other hand can counter the insulin resistance

Walnuts : Walnuts , contains a large amount of fiber and protein and its metabolism is slow and turns into sugar gradually .

Oat : Consuming the oat cause the digestive system keep the food in longer time and slowing metabolism ( because of adhesion of the stomach ) , causes that blood sugar flowing slowly .

Olive oil : which is called as ” liquid gold ” , because it contains anti inflammatory and strong compounds , and is anti-diabetes .

Peanut butter : the recent researches show that consuming peanut butter , causes decreasing of appetite and causes feeling satiated in comparison with a while , which consuming low-fiber sugarful food materials.

Peanut butter can regulate blood-sugar because of riching in unsaturated fats menus .

Wholemeal bread : High consumption of white bread insulin , and causes increasing the blood sugar while the wholemeal does exactly opposite

Sweet potato : a sweet potato which is roasted in oven , increased blood sugar 30 % percent less than regular potatoes , because of containing high fiber and micronutrients which cause lowering the cholesterol , and slowing down the digestion


health and 100 years life

Discover the secrets of life to 100 years

New researches of scholars about the secrets of living 100 years old , disclosed . the result of these studies show that the more social and optimistic , more you live .

Researchers in new research results , showed that special Characteristics Like being social and optimistic , getting the life easy , pleasure of laugh and active in various activities can play an important role in life time .

When 243 people of 100 years old had been studied they had positive approach to life .

Previous studies of this population shows the other genetic causes of longevity , that one of them that we can refer to it , is cellular repair mechanisms .


health and 100 years life


Another study also concluded that the 100 years old society necessarily do not differ of the aspect of health habbits , with others : Generally it can be concluded about this society that :

they are social , optimistic and easygoing . They know laughing as an important part of life , and they have an important role in social activities . They don’t have a nervous character , and also they are very conscientious and dutiful people

anti cancer

Anti-Cancer Food Basket

Some foods have an important role in preventation of cancer . So that 9 essential nutrients in this field are defined as follow .

Foods that would go against Cancer :

1. Spinach : Spinach , in addition to increasing the strength and creating energy in the body , and because of its rich in Chloropyll , Carotene , Iron and Folic acid , is an anti Cancer food . Spinach also has anti-aging properties.

2.Types of Cabbage , specially broccoli :

The researchers of England believe that consuming cabbage specially for men is so useful specially against the prostate cancer .

3. Kinds of berries : All Kinds of berries , Including mulberry , raspberry and blackberry are against Cancer

4. Walnut : Walnut is a useful food that has anti-cancer , treatment of migraine , reduce blood fat property .

anti cancer

5. Garlic : the garlic contains of 200 active compound biologic . garlic can guard the body against tumors , colon and esophagus Cancer

6.Beans : American researchers shows that the beans with the dark colors such as red beans can play an important role in reduction of Colon Cancer .

7.Fish : the available vitamin D in fishes can have a significant role in reducing the risk of Colon cancer .

8. Saffron : The recent evidence shows that Saffron , as a cancer preventive agent , is very effective .

9.Spices like turmeric and Curry : using the spices such as turmeric and curry in cooking foods can cause protection of body against the kinds of Cancer

Meanwhile , drinking black and green tea , eating eggs and yogurt , Mushroom , and fiber-rich foods are anti-Cancer foods too

Fruits a

Foods and Fruits which are fat burner

Some of the fruits have sugar and cause the obesity . Conversely the others causes skinniness .

Have you heard about the fruits which make the fat burned . Do You know these fruits ? There are a number of foods which are known as ” Negative calorie foods ” , these foods , as compared to other materials , require more energy to digest . It means that , the body burns more calories to digest them . also the body can not save more calories of these foods .

Consequently in addition to cause burnning fats in the body , and less likely become fat and stored .

Foods consist of Fat  , Protein , Carbohydrates Calories  , Vitamins and minerals . vitamins , Stimulates the body’s tissues to produce enzymes

These enzymes make analysis of the energy consumption of a food . Therefore the negative Calorie foods are the foods which consist of rich vitamins and minerals .

Fruits a

Fruits B


Not only They burn the energy comes from them but they consume the extra energy during digestion . Of Cource remember that the consumption of these foods is effective when do not consume high-calorie foods such as snacks , chips , and ….

The negative calorie food including lots of fruits and vegetables which includes the foods follows vegetables :

Asparagus , Beet , Cabbage , Broccoli , Carrots , Cauli Flower , Celery , Succory , Chili (hot pepper ) , Cucumber , Garlic , Green beans , Lettuce , Onions , Radish , Spinach , Turnip and Zucchini .


Fruits :

Apple , Blueberries , Brussels sprouts , Cantaloupe , Grapefruit , Lemon , Mango , Orange , Peaches , Pineapple , Raspberry , Strawberries , Tomatoes , Tangerine , Watermelon

breakfast g

Full breakfast in some countries of the world

Every country has its own traditions and customs . And one of these customs , is its cuisine and food .

Among the daily meals , breakfast has the great importance in most of the countries of the world . In below report , we intend to introduce the breakfast of some countries of the world .

1. Full English Breakfast : Consists of bean , sausage , bacon , eggs , mushroom , tomato , potatoes pudding , and the black pudding and toast bread with drinking tea , coffee and orangeade

2. Quick Spanish breakfast: Pan a La Catalana or Pan Con Tomate is a simple and delicious breakfast . roll

the bread and fresh milk and tomato and then pour some olive oil and salt on it . and eat them with ham and sausage


3. Healthy breakfast of Hawaii : In addition to the colorful and juicy fruit , the rings of sweets which are so delicious and full of energy would be eaten as breakfast


breakfast a

breakfast b

breakfast c

breakfast d

breakfast e

4. The Famous American breakfast :

Thick homemade pancakes with nectar and plum and thin sheets of bacon on them are the famous brakfast of American People


The traditional German breakfast : Sausage , local cheese and freshed baked bread are a typical breakfast in Germany

5. Portugalian Breakfast : A lot of coffee with Croissant bread which is filled with vegetables and nutrients material , are the Portugalian breakfast


6.Polandian breakfast : the traditional breakfast of Poland is called Jajecznica , and included of scrambled egg
with cuttings of kielbasa and potato pancakes .

breakfast f

breakfast g

breakfast h


A Glass bridge over the Grand Canyon Valley

Grand Canyon skywalk , is located over the Colorado river , and in the edge of the Grand Canyon in the state of Arizona . The construction of this skywalk began in 2004 and totally 40 million dollars spent for it .

This bridge can withstand 7 tons weight . It means that 800 visitors with the 80 Kg weight can walk on this bridge together .

But only 120 people are allowed to walk on it in the same time .

This skywalk is a tourist attraction . The construction of this bridge was completed on March 20 , 2007 , and was ready and available to the public visiting on March 28 .


This Bridge has a horse shoe shape , and 1200 meters height , this building overshodowed of tallest skyscraper .
It has the 20 meters horizontal distance from the edge of the earth .

Its floor is made of glass with a thickness of 10 cm . This Bridge is built very solidly so that It can resist a wind with 100 Mile speed and an earthquake of 8 richter .

The total visitors is approximately 4.5 millions of all of the world people .

This collection also has other buildings , Museum , Cinema and theater halls , and ceremonial hall , shop and a cafe restaurant




The Caviar is the most expensive food in the world

The Caviar and sturgeon eggs is the most expensive food in the world . The Caspian sea , as the biggest source of sturgeon , provides more than 90 percent of caviar in the world .


Elephant fish or beluga , The Russian sturgeon or Acipenser and Iranian Ostera , Dip fish and stellate sturgeon are the essential species of the Caspian Sea . Consumption of Caviar is effective in the health of nerve cells .


In Countries where eating fish and Caviar has a special place in food habits , the rate of depression is much less than the other countries .Existing  the fatty acids (Omega-3 ) in Caviar , prevents increasing cholesterol and sequently in habit vascular and heart diseases .



Indeed , the consumption of Caviar is effective holding up the joints inflammation (arthritis ) and digestive tract disease and some kinds of cancer . Caviar is recommended to the patients which suffer from anemia .

The Caviar is itself , as the most aristocratic breakfast in the world .


Someone eat it raw and the others mix it with yolk or small onion

Couple of everyday Food that work as painkillers

Couple of everyday Food that work as painkillers

Pain and suffering and getting rid of it, has been a great concern of human for many years. The painkillers and other things in that order can bring a lot of money for their providers and distributes. There have been empires built on just creating and distributing painkiller since before written history. As example you can see that the number of multinational multibillion dollar companies on the big exchange boards that are dedicated to create and distribute painkilling medicine.

Couple of everyday Food that work as painkillers



Yeah, fish. On top of protein phosphor and other goodies, fishes have Omega 3 in their oil. Omega 3 is one of the best mode regulators in our body that not only help us control our temper and help with our central nervous system, but also can help up to deal with pain a little better and easier. To get enough Omega 3 in our daily meals, we need to include fish in our dietary plan, at least twice a week. But sometimes, too much fish will lead to mercury poisoning. Therefore, it is better to supplement the fish with the Omega 3 capsules.



Milk is one of those cheap and abundantly available foods. Milk containes a substance named “Melatonin” which is directly involved with the regulating the sleep cycle in most animals. Probably this is why you feel a little bit sleepy eating yogurt. Therefore, a glass of milk can totally act as an sleeping pill with much less side affect. Another important substance that is very much involved with regulating our mode and senses is vitamin D. You can get this vitamin directly trough your skin by standing on the sun or drinking milk.



There are thousands and thousands of different types of tea in this world. If you want to take the tea as the essence of different herb, you can probably find equivalent of almost any branded medicine on the shelves. But if we take our ordinary everyday tea, it contains teaine, which result in total calmness and improvement in mode.

Why you should eat egg

Why you should eat egg?

Egg is one of those cheap and abundantly available food. Like any other food, you should know what is good about it and what is not. As you know, the egg has two part, the white egg and the yuck or the yellow part.

Egg is a good source of vitamin D, which is really important for reconstruction of damaged genes and brain. Our body can make vitamin D, trough absorption of sun light on our skin. But, this method of creating vitamin D is not available for every body especially Nordic people who live close to the north pole which has shorter days and less sun light. Also, sun light and skin are not the best combination if you don’t like the skin cancer and face lines.

The yuck or the yellow part of egg has close to 240 calories of energy and one yuck has enough cholesterol for a week of a young guy.  Recently, there have been studies on daily use of one cooked egg every day. The study has shown one egg a day is equal to 10 cigars a day. Yes, that dangerous.

Why you should eat egg


But the white part of the egg, contain much needed protein, nutrition for eye and a lot more. Therefore, we  can conclude that the use of egg can be useful if you separate the yuck from the white and just use the white part of the egg with occasional yuck with it.