8 More reasons to add cinnamon to your daily food

8 More reasons to add cinnamon to your daily food

Cinnamon is an ancient curry that you may know it as your additive choice to your coffee in your neighborhood’s coffee shop. But the consumption of cinnamon in other countries (mostly eastern countries) is beyond the cinnamon bar and coffee. Most of they daily meals would test much better if you add a little bit curry to them, including the cinnamon. On top of good flavor and warm test, here are eight more reasons for you to ad cinnamon to your food.
1- it might be a news to you, but most curry’s are good for you brain! new studies shown that the eastern curries (including cinnamon) help the creation of stem cells in your brain.

2- Cinnamon is good for the health of you heart. your heart, as the engine of your body, needs a lots of nutrition to work good and strongly.

3- Cinnamon can even help you lose weight

4- Cinnamon is good for your digestion system

5- Cinnamon has some antioxidant that helps you against cancer

6- helps the ladies during that time of the month

7- It is good for the teeth and gums

8- it helps you to have a clear skin

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