cancer prevention points

6 Points for Cancer prevention

Do you think about how can you lower your risk of getting Cancer ? Although the information about Cancer and the methods for preventing it is in progress and change , but something that all researchers are agreed and confirmed that healthy changes in lifestyle can help to prevent it . In Below article we try to explain about these 7 points for changing your life style methods. 1- Follow a healthy diet : while having healthy choices , when you are shopping or ordering food , Doesn’t guranteed to infect by Cancer , but it can reduce the risk . Use the following strategies : Eat as much as you can vegetables and fruits , Try your diet would be based on plant sources such as the cereals and beans . Minimize fat intake . It means consume low fat foods and lower the consuming the animal food sources , to lower the risk of Cancer in yourself . Stop using and drinking alcohol because the higher consumption of alcohol increases the risk of some kinds of Cancers such as Colon , Kidney , Breastand Lung Cancers .

cancer prevention points

2- Keep your weight in the range of health and have the physical activity . 3-Don’t smoke or leave smoking and avoid to expose the smokers . 4-Protect yourself from sun rays : Avoid the midday Sun Try to keep out of the Sun  , when the Sun’s rays are most severe , from 10 am to 4 pm . Do not forget to use sunscreen . 5-Get yourself vaccinated against diseases such as Hapatitis B . This disease can increase the risk of Liver Cancer . 6- Stay away from high-risk behaviors . An effective strategy for Cancer prevention is to avoid risky behavior that puts you against diseases that increase the risk of Cancer .

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