10 health point

10 health point that you need to know

When You go to public toilet , would you use electrical dryer or toilet paper? Do You think the antibacterial soaps are more sanitary ? When a piece of food material is droppen by you on the ground what is your reaction ? where is your toothbrush in your house ? How do you believe to pureness of the sinks ? We are going to answer these questions and the other health questions in this subject . 1-Electrical dryer or toilet paper ? Today , It is embedded electric hand dryer or paper . Towels in the public toilets to dry your hands . But when we talk about individual health , We understand that the efficiency of them are not equal . Hand electric dryer take time 60 percent more than in comparison with toleit towel ? Due to this reason the people usually don’t dry completely their hands . You must know that the wet hands are a desirable space for bactria . Then we recommend you to use toilet towel . 2-Antibacterial soaps helpful or harmful ? Most of people believe that antibacterial soaps destroy more bacterias in comparison with the others . But it’s not true because these soaps contains a compound called ”threeclosane”which causes the hormonal disturbances . 3- The rule of 5 second is wrong : There is a belief that if you take up a piece of food on the ground , During five seconds , It is not polluted but this belief is completely wrong . 4-The Sinks are not clean : All of us usually wash our dishes within the sinks with a safely calm . But we are unaware that , The sinks place may be more polluted than the toilet . We recommend you to wash with a tape and washing liquids after finishing washing dishes .

10 health point


5-The navel is the forgotten place for cleaning : The researches believe that navel (Belly Button) is a forgotten part of body , which most of people forget to wash it . The result of these researches show that there is at least 2300 bacterias around the navel . Then you must notice that clean the navel . 6- Washing your hair daily is not so good : We all fear our hairs would be greasy and dirty then we take a shower daily . But this action causes the more greasy in your hair . The experts of hair and skin recommended the you wash 2-3 times every week. 7-A little world within the fabric of the carpet : The carpets , in comparison with the flooring such as stone Ceramics and parquets have 10 times dust . Then recommend . 8- Don’t use carpet for flooring , Put the toothbrush in the toilet , A terrible current mistake : Most of people put the toothbrush , in front of a mirror which is embedded in toilet , This is the nearest place in the bowl of the toilet and germs floating in the air . Then put your toothbrush out of toilet . 9-The amount of microbes in the body is more than the Country’s population All of us are trying to protect our body against the microbes . But our bodies are the host of at least 1000 different species of bacteria and germs . 10-Brushing teeth is important but it is forgotten : All people know that they must brush their tooth to prevent of tooth decay

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