sleeping at night

10 Advantages of Sleeping

We All Like Sleeping . But did you ever notice the benefits of sleeping ? To avoid problems , You”ll Need 7 to 9 hours Sleeping at night . 1-Sleeping helps the health of the heart . Frequently , heart attacks occur in the early morning . This happens due to interference of Sleeping with the blood vessels . Sleep deprivation increase and worsening of blood pressure and Cholesterol . High blood pressure and increasing Cholesterol Causes heart disease . If you sleep 7 to 9 hours at night , Your heart would be healthy . 2- Sleeping prevents types of Cancer People who work at night are at the greater risk of Colon and breast Cancer . The researches have shown that , This problem is due to differences in the amount of melatonin . Melatonin is a Hormone that helps regulating between sleep and wakefulness in the body After sunset , Which darkness comes , Causes that melatonin would be released by hypothalamus , And then we go to sleep . When we are in front of the light, The amount of melatonin reduced . This Hormone also affects our sleep and prevent Cancer . Melatonin reduces the growth of Cancer cells too . 3- Sleeping reduces stress : The body’s power are wonderful And surprising . When we have the lack of sleeping , Our blood pressure rises and causes the hormones of stress arise .Blood pressure increases the heart disease . So it is better to learn ways of peacefully living . Inflammation . 4- Sleeping reduces inflation and Increasing the hormones of stress cause to increasing amount of inflammation , diabetes , Cancer and heart diseases .

sleeping at night


5- Sleeping causes to gain consciousness : If you have a good sleeping , You have more energy for the tomorrow . 6-Sleeping causes to strengthen the memory : Deep sleeping is very important for brain . Because in this case the memory is reinforced . After high quality sleeping causes to strengthen the memory and causes to do the activities and duties better . 7-Sleeping will Cause the weight Loss : The researches have shown that people who sleep less than 7 hours per night , are more prone to obesity . So if you want to have weight loss or to be without changing in your weight , You should have a good sleep . 8-Napping causes to be wise : Naps during the day can improve your health . Also, A nap can improve memory , cognitive function and mood . The researches have shown that the people who nap several times a week , The risk of their death which causes from heart attack would be less than the others . 9-Sleeping causes the reduction of depressing : Sleeping affect on many chemical material of the body . One of the chemicals is serotonin , People who suffer from depression , Which have low amount of serotonin . To avoid depression , You will need 7 to 9 hours of sleeping at night . 10-Sleeping helps the modernization and renewation of body , Body for repairing damage caused by stress, Ultraviolet radiation and other risk factors  Need sleeping . When you sleep , Your cells make a lot of Protein . These Protein molecules would be used by cells in the form of building blocks , and generally causes repairing the damaged cells .

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