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The strangest and most exciting resort in the world

There are some places in all over the world that the heart of everyone after visiting them starts beating and would be so excited . These places are natural or manmade , but it’s important that these places are part of the most frightening and strangest attractions in the world . 1- Walking path , on the CN Tower in Toronto , Canada .This walking path is located in front of 116-story of CN Tower in Toronto of Canada . You see in the picture the 6 persons which have put on the red clothes , these clothes are especial for jumping of height , Everyone must be equipped by holding belt and special rope and then begin walking or jumping , This action is so excited . 2- The Yungas road in Bolivia : There is a narrow road in top of the mountain , which is so dangerous . This dangerous road is considered one of the most spectacular and dangerous roads in the world . This road has a width of 3 meters and a height of 4572 meters and the long route is 61 KM And it is so active . This road is two two way which trucks and trailers are still crossing on it . 3- The Trift bridge in Switzerland : The tourists which want to visit the Trift glacier in Alp mountains pass the very narrow bridge which is located in height of 100.5 meters . This bridge length is 171 meters . 4- The devil pool in Victoria falls in Zambia The devil pool is located in top of the rock in 68.5 meters height near the Victoria fall in Zambia . This spectacular dangerous hole , has absorbed so many adventurer people and tourists . 5-The Tyrol platform -Australia

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Be familiar with 10 top and spectacular lakes around the world

Beauty and spectacular landscape of lakes , Makes and attracts everybody to watch and enjoy of them In the following we would be familiar with 10 attractive of the world . 1. The Como Lombardy Lake in Italy : One of the most famous lakes in Europe due to a variety of recreational activities , including appropriate facilities , villas and spectacular coastline has attracted so many famous stars and celebrities . 2- The Climoto , Mooney Lake in Indonesia : The Climoto lake is located in three separated just on over a Volcanic pieak and this place is known so popular fortourists . 3- The Hall statter lake in Australia : This lake is attractive because it is located a village on the coastline . Everybody can also go swimming and boating on this lake .

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4-The carre rea lake in Argentina and Chile : This Lake has the fresh water and its spectacular display is changable between the color of emerald , turquoise , cyan and blue range . 5- McDonald Lake , Montana , United States This lake have been formed by the action of glaciers. 6- The Jotunheimen lake in Norway : This lake is so interesting because of the spectacular colored of lake . 7- Tahoe lake in United States : This Lake has two milion years old . It’s famous because of having ski resorts and a variety of water sports in the region . 8-The Tikapo Lake in New Zealand : The area around the lake is the peak of their beauty in the late spring and early summer . 9-The Abraham Lake , Alberta , Canada : This artificial Lake is located in the north Saskatchewan river . 10- Tipsoo Lake Washington , United States : This Lake is situated at altitude of 1615 meters above the sea . Around the lake is covered by colorful flowers in spring and summer .


The factors causing and preventing kinds of Cancers

In this matter , we are going to review briefly the most essential environmental factors and in fact lifestyle that causes Cancers , and explain about prevental ways for them . It’s no doubt that the observance of health issues and food selection , can prevent spreading cancers. In below , we explain about the factors causing and the ways which prevent some kinds of cancers . 1- Colon Cancer : The aggravating factors : The high consumption of fatty meat , very fatty foods , fried foods , and having obesity and much weight . The preventing factors : 1. The consumption of fresh fruit specially fresh vegetables
2-Consuming fish meat instead of red meat . 3-Consuming of legumes , Cerelas . 4- Consuming boiling food instead of frying . 2- Stomach Cancer : Aggravating factors : Having stress, Salted meat , Smoked meat , fried foods , highly salted canned foods , stimulating foods and spices . The preventive factors : Consuming raw and fresh fruit especially Lemon , Consuming fresh vegetables especially parsley , Consuming Garlic and onions . Consuming vitamin C. Keeping foods in a cool place . Liver Cancer : Aggravating factors : Chronic intoxication with alcohol , Consuming fatty , fried and stimulating foods . The preventive factors : Consuming juice fruits , raw vegetables , drinking cooling fluids like sweat king chicory . Drinking tomato juice , drinking large amounts of water in 24 hours . Prostate Cancer : Agravating factors : Consuming testostrone , having overweight and obesity , especially after 45 years the consumption of fatty and fried foods . The preventing factors : Lowering the consumption of red meat , Removal of consuming hormones testosterone , Consuming the cool foods Like Sweat  chicory and king , Oatmeal , vegetables and fruits . Lung Cancer : Aggravating factors : Smoking tar Cigarettes , Living in cities which is infected . Inhibiting factors : Cut smoking , Avoid eating very hot foods and fried and avoid consuming stimulas spices .

The harmful effects of excess consumption of Sugar

The harmful effects of excess consumption of Sugar

We are all aware of the harmful effects of Sugar on The waist size , but do you know something about the effects of it on the skin ? It’s unbelievable , but experts believe that taking too much sugar can make skin dull and wrinkles . How does sugar harm you ? When you eat sugar or foods that have a high glycemic index , The sugar quickly converted to glucose . These carbohydrates are broken down by the body into glucose that it raises insulin levels which are converted Now how does sugar damage your skin ? 1- Inflammation : Consuming sugar causes inflammation in your body and this is one of the main damages to the skin . Sugar is naturally acidic , and raises insulin by the simple Carbohydrates , Like the available sugar in white bread , and leads to inflammation . Inflammation causes breakouts on the skin . We recommend you to avoid consuming sugar , white sugar , brown sugar and high fructose corn syrup .

The harmful effects of excess consumption of Sugar

2- Wrinkles : The inflammation – causing properties of sugar , not only leads to breakouts , but also creates wrinkles . Sugar attacks the healthy collagen in the skin , and the duty of collagen is keeping the skin against wrikles . Sugar consumes the healthy collagen at cellular level and causes the darkening and blur and dryness of the skin . Wrinkle when occurs that the store of collagen is finished . 3- Blood Sugar imbalances : Consuming Sugar in any manner , alters the body’s blood sugar level . When you consume full sugar food , the rate of blood-sugar quickly increases and insulin releases into the cells and the blood sugar drops quickly , and this sharp dropping in blood sugar which creates internal pressure which causes the skin rash and blur . 4- Dehydration : This means that the available water’s sugar in the cells of body would be drawn and causes dryness , puffiness aound the eyes .

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6 Points for Cancer prevention

Do you think about how can you lower your risk of getting Cancer ? Although the information about Cancer and the methods for preventing it is in progress and change , but something that all researchers are agreed and confirmed that healthy changes in lifestyle can help to prevent it . In Below article we try to explain about these 7 points for changing your life style methods. 1- Follow a healthy diet : while having healthy choices , when you are shopping or ordering food , Doesn’t guranteed to infect by Cancer , but it can reduce the risk . Use the following strategies : Eat as much as you can vegetables and fruits , Try your diet would be based on plant sources such as the cereals and beans . Minimize fat intake . It means consume low fat foods and lower the consuming the animal food sources , to lower the risk of Cancer in yourself . Stop using and drinking alcohol because the higher consumption of alcohol increases the risk of some kinds of Cancers such as Colon , Kidney , Breastand Lung Cancers .

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2- Keep your weight in the range of health and have the physical activity . 3-Don’t smoke or leave smoking and avoid to expose the smokers . 4-Protect yourself from sun rays : Avoid the midday Sun Try to keep out of the Sun  , when the Sun’s rays are most severe , from 10 am to 4 pm . Do not forget to use sunscreen . 5-Get yourself vaccinated against diseases such as Hapatitis B . This disease can increase the risk of Liver Cancer . 6- Stay away from high-risk behaviors . An effective strategy for Cancer prevention is to avoid risky behavior that puts you against diseases that increase the risk of Cancer .

The miraculous and unbelievable properties of consuming bananas

The miraculous and unbelievable properties of consuming bananas

In this article we are going to make you familiar with the benefits of banana fruit . medicinal uses of bananas : The banana contains a lot of fiber , and because of the lack of the harmful sugar in the banana , it can provide the necessary energy for doing the activities But the interesting point about the banana is that , in some cases it can be used istead of drugs . Here are a few benefits of medicinal benefits of banana . 1- High blood-pressure : Banana contains a lot of potassium , which can play an important role in controlling blood pressure . Eating a banana in morning can help to maintain normal blood pressure . 2-Depression : Banana contains tryptophan , which can act such as serotonin (Happy hormone ) If you consume a banana just now , to increase the happy hormones in your body and you will experience the happiness in your feelings . 3-Stress : Stress alters the metabolism in the body and thus reduce the amount of potassium . Regular consumption of bananas will balance the body and help to strengthen the heart , also eating bananas make adjusting the water balance in the body .


4-Constipation : Banana contains pectin , Pectin is a fiber that enhances the action of digestion and causes the stimulation of the detoxification of the body . In addition banana contains probiotics that aid digestion and reduce bloating and reduces the pressure induced constipation . 5- Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) : Bananas are rich in vitamin B6 . This vitamin can cause the symptoms of PMS . Consuming bananas cause to prevent abdominal pain and reduce mood swings and control the retention and accumulation of water in the body . The health benefits of Bananas : 1-Heart protection , 2-Medication for depression and mood drops , 3-Improve digestive and weight loss , 4- Eye sights , 5- The Cancer


Some benefits of eating nuts

Nuts are a wide variety Range of materials in the nuts are various but the following items as a key element forming nuts named : Pistachio nuts , sunflower seeds , pumpkin , japanese seeds , peanut , almonds , cashews , walnut , transport , raisins , and chickpea . One of the snacks which would be consumed during the meetings of newday feast is a significant amount of nuts . But it’s necessary to know about the nuts and its benefits. The medicinal properties of nuts : Eating nuts as part of a healthy balanced diet , is useful to maintain a healthy heart . In fact , consumption walnut , almonds and other nuts reduce blood cholesterol . Since the strange conditions and carry of these materials to work place or school is very comfortable , we can consume these nutritious food as snacks . Also by the appropriate usage of the nut’s brain , It can prevent the formation of blood clots and heart attacks are prevented from occuring , Nuts , protect heart health : Of Course depending on the type of nuts , It is different , The researchers believe that most nuts also contain the following substances are benefical to heart health . Unsaturated Fat : This is not specified the main reason of this subject , But it has been found that the useful fats in the nuts Lower the harmful level of blood Cholesterol . Omega-3 fatty acids : Many of nuts also contain a good amount of omega-3 . Omega-3 are benefical to the health of the heart   . The nuts are one of the best plant sources . Fiber : All types of nuts have a lot of fiber that reduce the levels of cholesterol , fibers , also causes a sense of fullness in the person and cause less eating foods . Also fiber intake is effective in preventing diabetes . Vitamin E : Of Course , researchers still don’t sure about this matter , But they think that vitamin E available in nuts can control and stop the growthing of plates in the arteries that causes the narrowing of them and sequently causes chest pain and attack heart . How much do we consume nuts ?

benefits of nuts nuts

Nuts, including tremendous amount of fat (about 80 percent of nuts consist of fat ) and also the most of these fats are useful for health , but still nuts consist of a lot of calories . In this reason we should consume nuts in a balanced and moderated amount . In fact ,it’s better we replace nuts instead of materials which have the saturated fat , Such as red meat , eggs and dairy products . According to results provided by the institute of food and drug (FDA) , daily intake 42.5 g nuts such as almonds hazel nut , peanut , walnut and pistachio can reduce the risk of heart diseases , Of course we must be careful that the use of nuts should be only part of your diet which means that we do not suppose the eating nuts , and simultanously not lowering the consumption of saturated fats available in dairy products and meat , can assurance the health of your body .


How to lower the blood Sugar ?

Follow and apply the recommendations below for lowering blood Sugar . 1- Using soluble fiber , will increase the required time for the absorption of blood Sugar and prevent the sudden rise in blood Sugar after eating a meal . Then eating an apple with skin , beans and vegetables which are rich in fiber , helps to control the raising of blood Sugar . Good sources of soluble fiber include : Apples ,Citrus fruits Such as orange , Lemons and grapefruit , Strawberries and whole grains . 2- Consumption of potatoes , Carrots , White flour and wheat flour are prohibited for you , especially potatoes . 3- As far as possible avoid the consumption of simple carbohydrates (Sugar , sweets , jams , white flour , jelly , candy , etc ) and avoid more from the consumption of complex Carbohydrates . 4- The best form of consumption of the bread is whole meal bread which is the best choice of it and barley bread too . 5- High fat intake should be avoided , Because a lot of fat in the body causes falling rapidly accelerates diabetic patients . Especially saturated fat (solid) , which negatively affected the ability of the effect of isulin on glucose metabolism . So we recommend you separate the visib fats of the meat and especially the chicken’s skin , and prefer the breast part to thigh . 6-Give preference grilling , steaming and quick cooking methods to frying in oil . Cool meat juices after cooking . and take away the fats on the top surface of it . 7-Eating fish may reduce 50 percent of developing type 2 diabetes . 8-Onions and garlic are the earliest food that has been considered the treatment of diabetes and recent research has emphasized the following . 9-Broccoli vegetable is very useful medical and rich in choromium and helps to regulate in a very desirable area . 10- You must consume a low fat diary products ( except children) remove from your diet high-fat yogurt , milk , cream , full fat cheese ( gouda , pizza ,etc) , cream and butter .


11-Antioxidants such as Vitamin C,E and beta – carotene , are the very important materials which protect beta cells . 12-Eating fruits with skin causes a gradual uncrease in blood Sugar . It is interesting to know that there are more vitamins and minerals in the layer close to skin , and you must prohibit and reduce eating the sweet fruits such as bananas , fig , melon ,…13-Consumption some spices , intensify insulin activity . Research proves that taking cinnamon , Cloves , turmeric and Laurel , has tripled the insulin activity , and the cinnamon has the greater effect between them . 14- Using fenugreek seeds causes to control diabetes . 15 -Drinking daily 7-8 glasses of water , is recommended . 16- You must read and notice to calorie information which is written on the lable of foods . 17- Don’t consume eggs more than 3 per week . 18-It’s emphasized that these patients must reduce salt intake . 19- Don’t forget consuming the fruits such as Strawberries , dates ( with caution ) , pears , cherries and apples , especially with the skin . 20- Don’t miss consuming soy foods which are helpful to reduce glucose and in addition they have significant effect on lipids .

10 health point

10 health point that you need to know

When You go to public toilet , would you use electrical dryer or toilet paper? Do You think the antibacterial soaps are more sanitary ? When a piece of food material is droppen by you on the ground what is your reaction ? where is your toothbrush in your house ? How do you believe to pureness of the sinks ? We are going to answer these questions and the other health questions in this subject . 1-Electrical dryer or toilet paper ? Today , It is embedded electric hand dryer or paper . Towels in the public toilets to dry your hands . But when we talk about individual health , We understand that the efficiency of them are not equal . Hand electric dryer take time 60 percent more than in comparison with toleit towel ? Due to this reason the people usually don’t dry completely their hands . You must know that the wet hands are a desirable space for bactria . Then we recommend you to use toilet towel . 2-Antibacterial soaps helpful or harmful ? Most of people believe that antibacterial soaps destroy more bacterias in comparison with the others . But it’s not true because these soaps contains a compound called ”threeclosane”which causes the hormonal disturbances . 3- The rule of 5 second is wrong : There is a belief that if you take up a piece of food on the ground , During five seconds , It is not polluted but this belief is completely wrong . 4-The Sinks are not clean : All of us usually wash our dishes within the sinks with a safely calm . But we are unaware that , The sinks place may be more polluted than the toilet . We recommend you to wash with a tape and washing liquids after finishing washing dishes .

10 health point


5-The navel is the forgotten place for cleaning : The researches believe that navel (Belly Button) is a forgotten part of body , which most of people forget to wash it . The result of these researches show that there is at least 2300 bacterias around the navel . Then you must notice that clean the navel . 6- Washing your hair daily is not so good : We all fear our hairs would be greasy and dirty then we take a shower daily . But this action causes the more greasy in your hair . The experts of hair and skin recommended the you wash 2-3 times every week. 7-A little world within the fabric of the carpet : The carpets , in comparison with the flooring such as stone Ceramics and parquets have 10 times dust . Then recommend . 8- Don’t use carpet for flooring , Put the toothbrush in the toilet , A terrible current mistake : Most of people put the toothbrush , in front of a mirror which is embedded in toilet , This is the nearest place in the bowl of the toilet and germs floating in the air . Then put your toothbrush out of toilet . 9-The amount of microbes in the body is more than the Country’s population All of us are trying to protect our body against the microbes . But our bodies are the host of at least 1000 different species of bacteria and germs . 10-Brushing teeth is important but it is forgotten : All people know that they must brush their tooth to prevent of tooth decay

sleeping at night

10 Advantages of Sleeping

We All Like Sleeping . But did you ever notice the benefits of sleeping ? To avoid problems , You”ll Need 7 to 9 hours Sleeping at night . 1-Sleeping helps the health of the heart . Frequently , heart attacks occur in the early morning . This happens due to interference of Sleeping with the blood vessels . Sleep deprivation increase and worsening of blood pressure and Cholesterol . High blood pressure and increasing Cholesterol Causes heart disease . If you sleep 7 to 9 hours at night , Your heart would be healthy . 2- Sleeping prevents types of Cancer People who work at night are at the greater risk of Colon and breast Cancer . The researches have shown that , This problem is due to differences in the amount of melatonin . Melatonin is a Hormone that helps regulating between sleep and wakefulness in the body After sunset , Which darkness comes , Causes that melatonin would be released by hypothalamus , And then we go to sleep . When we are in front of the light, The amount of melatonin reduced . This Hormone also affects our sleep and prevent Cancer . Melatonin reduces the growth of Cancer cells too . 3- Sleeping reduces stress : The body’s power are wonderful And surprising . When we have the lack of sleeping , Our blood pressure rises and causes the hormones of stress arise .Blood pressure increases the heart disease . So it is better to learn ways of peacefully living . Inflammation . 4- Sleeping reduces inflation and Increasing the hormones of stress cause to increasing amount of inflammation , diabetes , Cancer and heart diseases .

sleeping at night


5- Sleeping causes to gain consciousness : If you have a good sleeping , You have more energy for the tomorrow . 6-Sleeping causes to strengthen the memory : Deep sleeping is very important for brain . Because in this case the memory is reinforced . After high quality sleeping causes to strengthen the memory and causes to do the activities and duties better . 7-Sleeping will Cause the weight Loss : The researches have shown that people who sleep less than 7 hours per night , are more prone to obesity . So if you want to have weight loss or to be without changing in your weight , You should have a good sleep . 8-Napping causes to be wise : Naps during the day can improve your health . Also, A nap can improve memory , cognitive function and mood . The researches have shown that the people who nap several times a week , The risk of their death which causes from heart attack would be less than the others . 9-Sleeping causes the reduction of depressing : Sleeping affect on many chemical material of the body . One of the chemicals is serotonin , People who suffer from depression , Which have low amount of serotonin . To avoid depression , You will need 7 to 9 hours of sleeping at night . 10-Sleeping helps the modernization and renewation of body , Body for repairing damage caused by stress, Ultraviolet radiation and other risk factors  Need sleeping . When you sleep , Your cells make a lot of Protein . These Protein molecules would be used by cells in the form of building blocks , and generally causes repairing the damaged cells .